802 6 years ago
Finally, they made me do it.  The folks at PAULS MUSIQUE can develop a very distinct sense of persistence in some cases, at least sometimes, if they want so.  It must be pointed out, that they have some good reasons on their side, being – besides musical expertise -  any sort of wisdom and knowledge,  friendship, and yes – even love.  For the music and all the freaks, who care like we do.  And so, here it is: First mix released since 15 years.  So I grabbed a selection of the records, that keep spinning on my system recently, added some random findings of my vault to it and figured out, that it starts with Neil Young and continues with Alan Parson’s Project.  From there on it would have to walk on it’s own and tell the story by itself, derived and inspired by the moment of decision (which is pure delusion, following Kierkegaard).  And somehow, against all odds, it actually did. The whole thing is more about to find out, how things match, than how they mix.  If the tracks shall talk to each other, they must have something to say, even if there is a dissent. Think of a sketch for a mix-tape in the style of a postcard from far away with an address unknown – and you get an idea of what I was looking for: TWTMC - To Whom This May Concern.


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