163 3 months ago

Hopefully this should upload the full file and not be corrupted like the last two attempts.

The full set has been uploaded now. 

Thought I would go for some Jungle and Drum 'n' Bass, as it is a genre I don't normally mix. Basically, I'd rather listen to Jungle and Drum 'n' Bass than most modern music.

Fresh and up-to-date tracks from the last year or so.


1 Continuum by Champion Sound
2 Jus' B Mi Gal (Jungle Mix) by Hannibal Selector
3 Soul System by Knuckles
4 Sketch (Omni Music) by Pete Rann & Tidal
5 Camberwell Beauty by Sike
6 Warp One (Liftin Spirit Reloaded) by Liftin Spirits
7 Murdah Di Bwoi by Champion Sound
8 Something Freaky by Bman & Default
9 Money And Power by Sike
10 Boot With You by Furney
11 No Soundbwoi Don't Cry by Champion Sound
12 I Will Never Turn Away (FFF Remix) by Coco Bryce
13 Total by Champion Sound
14 Self Control (R WHITES Vol 1) by Law & Kola Nut
15 Bad Fox by Mo Musika


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