227 3 months ago

This is my most recent mix. About a week old, with fresh tracks from this year only, unless they were on white labels last year. Who knows?

Tracks were sourced from someone who has been in the business for well over 30 years. 

My thanks and gratitude goes out to Mikey B for the track selection.


1 Back to Eden (ELEMNT02) by Sicknote
2 In The End (MEDITATOR031) by Marcus Visionary
3 Take Another Look (G2G006 Hyper energized EP) by Sync Dynamix
4 War Dub #1 by Lavery
5 Beckton Stinks Marcus Visonary 4 the Pirates Remix (MEDITATOR033) by Lavery
6 The MB (VIP Mix) by Mo Musika
7 Inferiority Complex (MEDITATOR030 Deep Ones Vol Two) by Duburban
8 Paradise Junction (MEDITATOR030 Deep Ones Vol Two) by Subreachers
9 Crystls (Karma Recordings) by DJ Ande
10 Check It Out (Blame Shadow Remix) by Blame
11 Neo's Real Future (Blame Shadow Remix) Karma Recordings by DJ KOS
12 Gods Chord (G2G007 THE AWAKENING EP) by Code Of Silence
13 So Long by Mo Musika
14 Hulk (DJ Kos Remix) (G2G007 THE AWAKENING EP) by DJ Ande
15 Sub Face Riddum (G2G010) by Renegade HZ



Excelent, tks