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Rodney has been mixing for over 36 years. Have a 40,000 plus record collection. He spins everythng from house to Disco to the oldies. But he's mainly into House Muzik. He started out spinning the Chicago style house. All the stuff they played on the old radio station WBMX. Now he's more into the Deep House side of things. Started out mixin' with tape decks. Don't play like ya'll never did that. Then he got 1 Technic table and a Gemini . Use to copy songs off the radio, then edit out the part where the radio DJ ran his mouth too much. Put some intro and outro's into it, then boom. Started buying his records from a shop in chicago called Imports inc. Chip E and Derrick Carter himself use to work there. Also went to State Street Records and Gramaphone and Hot Jams. Gramaphone and Hot jams are still standing to this day. People use to ask him to put songs on a cassette for them back in the day. A little while after that, he started makin' his own Mix tapes. My Messages

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