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Player aka Infamous Player (Pete Simpson & Wilko aka Ignition Technician) put out some of my favorite banging techno records in the early to mid 2000's. These are some of the funkiest, and some of the most effective floor-filling records, my standard go-to tunes, ones I played til they were beat! Also they just beg to be cut up, doubled, juggled, and scratched with, more than almost any other techno records, and you'll get a good bit of improv tricks on this, which turned out really good (if I say so myself). Basically I found they were selling most of the discography in digital on a bandcamp page ( ) so I grabbed em up - since I lost all my vinyl from back in the day-  ='( and made a megamix! There's a few other classic tunes from the era thrown in for good measure, from Devilfish, Dave Clarke, a Technasia remix, and a few more. Enjoy responsibly, and thanks!!  

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Don't Hate The Player (Infamous Player Megamix)
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