Pittsburgh - United States
Colin Pierce, aka nyLOC, is a lifetime music junky. He is the first human to be born with headphones already on! Seriously though, since 6 years of age he has been actively seeking, collecting, and enjoying, music, and that was in 1983, so you do the math! Colin had 2 bands in high school, and wrote all or much of the music for them. He started mixing records in 1998 shortly after his first rave party, and hasn't stopped, always continuing to refine his formidable technical skills and dynamic range, pushing the limits of technology and experimentation in the tradition of jazz improvisationalists. Always live, never rehearsed or pre-planned, colin is the dj's dj, and is highly respected by all those who know him or have ever seen him do his thing. But he does it strictly for the love at this point, for the communication, the merging of minds. Enjoy the mixes, and drop a comment so he can return the favor! Peace

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