105 6 months ago
So for the first time ever in my career, I made a progressive house mix! I was never into it before but my journey into liquid dnb has opened me up to some sounds that I once disdained in my younger days. I've grown a lot and my tastes have changed, and I like more chill, more melodic, and more soulful/emotive sounds thesse days. I have emancipated myself from my old restrictions as a retired DJ no longer beholden to staying in a lane lol. The mix came out way better than I would have even hoped! It took some work to get the tracks and programming right, but it was worth it. Enjoy and look out for more in the future. Thanks for the support! Thanks so much for listening! 


1 Sweet Monotony (Original Mix) by Tuxedo
2 Flatter (GastoM Remix) by Sarah Chilanti, Nōpi
3 High (Original Mix) by Kled Baken
4 Exo (Original Mix) by Markus Homm
5 Small Thoughts (Original Mix) by Andy Immerman
6 We Fall (Original Mix) by Alexander Savvidi, Alexandra Savvidi
7 Introspective (Original Mix) by 2up, Sergio Avila
8 Caledonia (Original Mix) by Enium
9 Moonlight (Juan Bentkovsky Remix) by NeoTraffic
10 Sunset (Original Mix) by BRKDN Kevin Yost
11 Hael (Original Mix) by Volen Sentir
12 Another Sky Overhead (Original Mix) by Geerk
13 Exhale (Original Mix) by Raphael Raban
14 Reflection (Extended Mix) by Gianfranco Di Paola, Marke (ITA)
15 Pamona (Original Mix) by Markus Homm
16 Real (Original Mix) by Max Palmer
17 Ndarasika (Original Mix) by Chihaka
18 Foul Play (Original Mix) by Alex O'Rion
19 Kakinada (Original Mix) by Marke (GR)
20 A Place Beyond Time (Original Mix) by Figueras
21 Tartarus (Ric Niels Remix) by Figueras
22 Signal Lights (Enertia by Sound Remix) Andy Woldman, Gav Easby
23 In Deep We Trust (Original Mix) by Anthony Mea
24 Emancipation (Original Mix) by David Folkebrant, Lokovski