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Actual thunder was recorded August 14th 2015 when the SKY cracked in half

Featuring a TON of tracks from Armin van Buuren and DJ Kazal. Let's see, tracks from Ruben de Ronde, Ferry Corsten Ft. Betsie Larkin, Arty & Muvy, The Prizoners, classics from ATB & BT, Sunlounger & Zara Taylor, AVIRA & MORE...

Strive not to bring circumstances to perfection; for they never shall meet these unholy expectations. Deliver thyselves beyond the borders of ephemerality .. that ye findeth security in Me .. in the Father Son Spirit of the Living One.

A NEW SUNRISE COMETH upon the plains .. thine wheat is coming close to its harvest time .. it spreads itself outward upon the lands. I proclaim to you that the earth is readying herself to blossom unto her Immaculate Conception, and all creatures might choose their loyalties. So, be thou in allegiance with thine Progressive Ascendancy of Personhood.

Salvation has a global initiative and mission for the planetary development along physical, intellectual and social lines. All evolutionary spheres progress in certain well-defined directions.

I preach sermons to you and they fall upon your ears as accolades of splendor, and I say to you Mine preachments of glorifying the life that hath brought all lives into existence.

Amplify the reality of unchangeable glory as you gaineth thine wisdom by transmutation of all darkness and imperfection.

Rejoice my children who art inclined at times to hide from thyselves to churn up the sensibilities of attachment to material things and yet who yearn fervently for your eternal freedom in me and with me.

Celebrate be of joyfulness in realization that the life of infinity lives in closer proximity to you then you might ever imagine.

Strive not to bring circumstances to perfection for they shall never meet these unholy expectations.

Deliver thyselves beyond the borders of ephemerality that ye findeth security in me in the Father Son Spirit of the Living One.

So, be thou in allegiance with thine progressive ascendancy of personhood. I come making plain and simple the avenues of your deliverance into love. Unchangeable and unconquerable and unconditional love.

Make no false speaking's for thine tongue hath been designed to praise the luminosity of existence. Thine eye hath a design of deliverance to see and perceive and know truthfulness and truth everlasting.

And thine ear shall not remain waxed over with the atrocities of untruths, it is destined to hear the absolute, to listen with OBEDIENCE, and to attune to the World Of Existence.

Attain to the generosity of character just as the universal absoluteness hath a character that is generous and of infinite goodness. Charming and caring and always loving.

Heed no false manners that have not their tributaries touching the holy splendor of the earth's new soil. The revelations of the Father Son Spirit shall maketh of thee a new creature.

AGAIN I sayeth, pretend not to already know. Heed not to the superficial appearances of mind and body which attempt to usurp the Living One. Wisdom is garnered by your faith-driven trust in Father's existence.

It emerges in those personalities who harken unto him to the person of infinity who cometh unto you singing opportunities and openness and offerings without stain nor false enchantments.

Thine universal citizenship beckons thee to arise into maturity and the rightful knowledge of thyselves, and the acceptance of thine relations with me shall cause thine field of vibration to shake and then shimmer with happiness.

I arrive to maketh of thee men and women of succor capable of receiving the generosity of the LIFE, who stand waiting for your coming forth into UNIVERSAL CITIZENSHIP.

a strong desire to travel:
"a man consumed by wanderlust"

[emˈpirēən, ˌempəˈrēən]
relating to heaven or the sky:
"the empyrean domain where human will and God's will became as one"
SIMILAR: divine, holy, celestial, godlike, godly, angelic, seraphic


1 Wolves at the Door verses Ice Man [Black Hole Recordings] by Conjure One, Jeza
2 Judgement Time [SoundCloud] by Extra Terra · Castroe
3 We Must Remind (Estiva Remix) [Intricate Records] by PAKKA · Estiva
4 Desire [Intricate Records] by Amari (BE) · Nico Morano · Jinadu
5 Paradise [Crossworlder Music] by The Prizoners
6 Wildfire [Armada Music] by AVIRA feat. Dan Soleil
7 Night Vision [Armada Electronic Elements] by Wurtz · Iberian Muse · Dan Soleil
8 Oxygen [A state of Trance] by Ruben de Ronde & Crowd+Ctrl feat. 88Birds
9 Fire With Fire [Armind Armada] by Ice Man . HRRTZ · Julia Church
10 Collecting Kindling [Stone Seed] by Tom Baker (AUS)
11 Cut Me Down (Kastis Torrau & Donatello) [ Last Night On Earth] by Sasha, Krister Linder feat. Arnas D
12 Soul Seekers (Club Mix) [Armada Music] by Lufthaus
13 Mask [Armind Armada] by Ice Man & AVIRA feat. Sam Martin
14 Turn On the Lights Again [Atlantic Records] by Fred again.. & Swedish House Mafia feat. Future
15 Home [Enormous Vision] by Indifferent Guy & Eva Pavlova
16 Alive [Anjunabeats] by PAX & Gorgon City
17 The Best Part (Patrice Bäumel Remix) [Anjunabeats] by gardenstate & Bien
18 No Time To Wait [Enhanced Progressive] by Jerome Isma Ae & Milkwish
19 Secret Weapon [Hood Politics Records] by Noise Zoo
20 Babylonia [Armada Music Albums] by Piece Maker
21 Try To Be Love (Roger Shah Remix) [Gud Vibrations] by Sunlounger & Zara Taylor
22 Love Is Gone Communication Part 3 V's PING PONG [Pure ] by SLANDER & Dylan Matthew
23 Blur verses Avio [Made Records ] by gardenstate
24 At The End [Armada Music Albums] by Iio
25 Breathe in Deep [Armada Music Albums] by Ice Man feat. Fiora
26 The Book of Love [KAZAL Production Studio] by DJ KAZAL
27 Free You verses Arty & Muvy Freedom [KAZAL Production Studio] by DJ KAZAL
28 Not Coming Down [Flashover Recordings] by Ferry Corsten Ft. Betsie Larkin
29 Spirit's Pulse [Armada Music Albums] by Andy Moor VS M.I.K.E.
30 Here and Now [Night Vision] by Simon Patterson feat. Sarah Howells
31 Hold You (Club Mix) [Kontor Records] by ATB
32 Let U Go (Clubb Mix) [Kontor Records] by ATB
33 The Force of Gravity [ BT Armada Music Albums] by BT
34 The One [ BT Armada Music Albums] by Infinity verses Rene Ablaze Feat. Sarah de Warren
35 Lethal Industry [ Black Hole Recordings] by Tiësto
36 The Fields of Love (Original Club Mix) [Kontor Records] by ATB feat. York
37 Home [ Chakra Armada Music Albums] by Chakra
38 Wanderlust [Statement! (Armada)] by Ruben de Ronde & EKE
39 Somewhere [KAZAL Records] by DJ Kazal
40 In Your Arms [Guena] by Dj Kazal
41 Burned With Desire verses Ice Man Rain (Your No Fun Remix) [Armind (Armada)] by Ice Man
42 Watchers Return [State Soundscapes] by Fawzy · Jeff Rush
43 The DNA Code [Suanda Dark] by RYDEX · Igor Dorin · Sali
44 Blissful Solitude [Dacru Records] by Bitkit
45 Finders Keepers [Victims Helpline ] by Uberjak'd ft. Indy Stanton
46 Why We Fall [Subculture] by Paul Denton
47 Eternity [Armada Music Albums] by Roman Messer & Davey Asprey
48 Keep the Fire [Tetsuo] by Talla 2XLC feat. Carl B & Katie Marne
49 Deadliest Sound [Fusion Records] by Nightfall
50 The Last Rave On Earth [A state of Trance] by Will Atkinson
51 Party Planners feat. Electric Universe [United Beats] by Mad Tribe



Perfect sound to endure this heat. Awesome set & selection