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Claudio Solis is the driving force behind the Chilean electronic music label "Agua y Sed," a venture he founded in 2009. Through this platform, he provides invaluable support and exposure to countless producers in Chile and worldwide, actively contributing to the growth and evolution of electronic music. His own music productions primarily span the genres of minimal, microhouse, and breakbeat.

After a long history of independent releases and publications, Claudio achieved a significant milestone in August 2019 when he unveiled his debut solo album in vinyl format, titled "Nibbana Traxx." This release found a home with the esteemed Slovenian label "Gilesku Records" and garnered widespread acclaim from reputable record labels globally, including Technique (JP), Juno (UK), and Decks (DE).

In a relatively short span, Claudio's music began to grace vinyl records from various labels, including FAFO (AUS), P.U.N.C.H.I.S (US), and his very own imprint, AGUA Y SED (CL). This consistent output drew the attention of the German distributor VinylFuture, resulting in the creation of the first various artist compilation titled "Chileans Are Playing" in 2021. This release made waves in the vinyl market, catching the eyes and ears of specialized stores worldwide, such as Discopiu (IT), MTM (ES), Deejay (DE), and Misbits (RO).

Claudio's journey, spanning more than a decade of musical exploration and production, solidifies his position as an exceptional producer and cultural influencer in Santiago de Chile. Besides his music pursuits, he dedicates a significant portion of his time to sharing his expertise as an Ableton Live instructor, music production coach, and executive production professional. He's often found mixing and mastering electronic music projects for various labels across South America.

With this rich musical background, Claudio has graced the stages of prominent clubs, radio shows, and festivals throughout Chile. His performances have extended to side events and gigs for major names like Lollapalooza, Club La Feria, Teatro C, Radio Rock&Pop, Radio2702, and a residency with RedBull. His multifaceted contributions to the electronic music scene underscore his role as a prominent figure in the Chilean and international music landscape. Hit play and enjoy the journey!


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