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When I first heard that Chester ended his own life, my first reaction was wondering what my daughter was going to do when she finds out.  She loved Linkin Park.  I, never really listened to much of their music other than the occasional crossover hit that they had... but then, of course, more people started to play Linkin Park music and I heard a little more.  Then one night, I was riding on my Harley with my daughter on the back and a Chester song came on and I heard my daughter singing so loud as she would only do when she knew the rumble of the loud Harley engine would drown her out... but I heard it... and I knew that they must be pretty good to have my daughter... who never sings out loud, basically scream the lyrics along with Chester in public... albeit that nobody was really around to hear.  I then have listened to some of their music in addition to seeing the live streamed memorial concert the band had in October and came to realize, they had some pretty good music.  So I kicked around the idea of doing a little tribute mix to them, not that they would ever hear it, or even care... but because I know my daughter was so upset about Chester being gone, as many many people... so I thought, if ONE person listens to this mix more than one time... and finds some positive memories of the band in it... then the hours of remixing and editing would be worth it.  Here's to you Chester... you may be gone, but your music will last forever... and my daughter, who I love more than anything, will be a fan for life.  And if she likes your music... then damn it, I like your music.  Rest In Peace.


1 In The End by Linkin Park
2 Numb / Encore by Linkin Park
3 It's Going Down by Linkin Park
4 Crawling by Linkin Park
5 Burn It Down by Linkin Park
6 One Step Closer / 99 Problems by Linkin Park
7 Shadow Of The Day by Linkin Park
8 What I've Done by Linkin Park
9 Heavy by Linkin Park
10 Bleed It Out by Linkin Park
11 I'll Be Gone by Linkin Park
12 One More Light by Linkin Park
13 Waiting For The End by Linkin Park



great mix


awesome mix and thank you