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Psy-Trance from Magdeburg


1 Om Gam by Huracan
2 Shevannai by Sonic Massala
3 Connections (Original Mix) by Transpose
4 Deep Space (Original Mix) by Alien Dragons
5 Deep Journey by Focus Mind & Reasoning
6 Teleportation (Original Mix) by Side Effects
7 Symphony of Colour by Kinesis
8 Drive (Original Mix) by Capital Monkey
9 Psychedelix (Original Mix) by Mystic & Invasion
10 Totem by Sonic Massala & Twelve Sessions
11 Metaphor Of Universe by Deep Creation & Zattera
12 Black Hole by Impulser & Triceradrops
13 Spaceship by Huracan
14 Dream (Original Mix) by Beyond
15 Summer Raves by Sam Alien
16 Free to Fly (Original Mix) by Genesis
17 Surreal by Dark Soho & Orpheus
18 Psychedelic Dosage by Luminous
19 The Darkest Place (Original Mix) by Aktyum
20 Beaches of Goa (Original Mix) by Menog
21 Steps On Earth (Original Mix) by Synthologic
22 Jupiter by Mystika & Serenity Flux
23 Psychedelic Spirit by Mystika & Serenity Flux
24 External Source (Original Mix) by Releasse
25 The Final Encore (Original Mix) by Releasse
26 Mother Earth (Original Mix) by MoRsei
27 Voodoo (Original Mix) by MoRsei
28 Visual Cortex (Original Mix) by Reborn
29 Toy Attack (Original Mix) by Lotus
30 Abyss (Original Mix) by Roja
31 Illigal Oraf by U-Grid
32 From Here to Reality (Original Mix) by Akratas
33 Higher and Frozen (Original Mix) by Biological & Brsa
34 Magic Molecule by Hyderagon
35 Back from the World (Original Mix) by Akratas
36 Close Encounters by FNX
37 Mantra Experience by AliGroove
38 Space Venture by Avan7 & Perception
39 Secret Blue Bird (Original Mix) by Biological & Brsa
40 Higher Engines of Creation by Zeg
41 Welcome to the Orbit by Koch & Magnetic Spirits
42 Infinity (Original Mix) by Psiger
43 Magic by Artmind
44 Shipibo Plants by Squid
45 Nataraja by Naure Said & Ju Youthie & Mosin Kawa


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