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Brooklyn, New York - United States
I bought 1200s and a mixer in the summer of 1995 after discovering psychedelic trance and, realizing that it wasn't being played at any of the parties I was going to, decided to take matters into my own hands. I didn't realize at the time that this music was just beginning to differentiate itself as its own unique sub-genre, but after about a year of constant practice I landed my first gig.  By the turn of the millenium I'd played at events all across the US and Canada, and had borne witness to the establishment of a vibrant psy trance scene in North America.In recent years, my musical tastes have expanded into progressive house,
tech house, and techno but always with an emphasis on the elements that
first attracted me to psychedelic trance. The bpms may be a bit
slower, but my aim is still to take listeners on a sonic journey with
each mix session.  But that won't stop me from rocking a complete psy trance set every once and again for old times' sake. 
I am currently collaborating in the studio with my longtime friend Kent Friedman as Silicon Syndicate.  For the last two years we've assembled a series of tracks that are just beginning to be released on labels.  A 4-track 'Sonic Tectonic' EP released on Icarus Creations in August will be followed in the upcoming weeks by the 3-track 'Impulse Anomaly' EP on Mistique Music.  Next year already has two releases scheduled on Holland's LuPS Records with remixes from some of that label's top artists.  Please visit our page on SoundCloud to check out samples of our tracks and exclusive mixes.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States

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Luella 24 December 2011

brilliant mixs luv them one and two!!! ;))))