98 2 months ago
the second in the signal path series. Navigating ambient/techno/drumnbass/IDM/brokenbeat/etc.
Mixed with DJ software.


1 the labyrinth scored for the purrs of eleven cats by terry fox
2 wire net fence inside a tunnel by toshiya tsunoda
3 lapin fantome by rotten milk
4 lustprinzip by vadim griboedov
5 vinden by rambadu
6 the dreamers (leo anibaldi variation) by giorgio gigli & obtane
7 de 2.1 by black merlin
8 ambient drama by giorgio gigli & obtane
9 pl1 (antonio vasquez remix) by modvs
10 visie by rambadu
11 escape by rodhad
12 underlying destruction of the environmental ties (claro intelecto remix) by obtane & giorgio gigli
13 prado oscuro by fanon flowers
14 1187 by kraftwelt
15 sooth by pugilist & tamen
16 break it them also (jana rush x evol) by loft
17 blow the conch by simo cell
18 hollow by rene wise
19 synesthesia by pugilist & tamen
20 openended by jana sleep
21 cold 909s by spy & mosus
22 from here we go sublime by the field
23 ziq mann egerton by μ
24 global writes by petter b
25 too real by lomax
26 wsjr (orphx remix) by ntogn & luigi tozzi
27 diadelphia by saphileaum
28 rainbow dance by simo cell
29 rococco rondo by jeremiah chiu
30 amae (sasha 1999 remix) by baile ft. felicia douglass
31 lolala by funckarma
32 bird in hand by ninze


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