138 2 months ago
I miei ricordi anni 90 e 2000 progressive dream techno. Spero sia di vostro gradimento.

My memories of the 90s and 2000s progressive dream techno. I hope you like it.

All copyrights are reserved to the artists of the tracks.


1 Mystic Voices by Andrea Verona Project
2 1998 by Binary Finary
3 Metropolis by Dj Dado
4 Jaiss Bangin (Bang Mix) by Gabry Fasano
5 Acid Phase (Kai Tracid Remix) by Emmanuel Top
6 Bastard Ben by Era Vulgaris
7 After Dark by Frank Vanoli
8 Wondering Soul by Gigi D'Agostino
9 Anumani (The Dream) by JK Lloyd
10 Lost In Love by Legend B
11 Iguana by Mauro Picotto
12 Acid Phase by Emmanuel Top
13 Mas Experience (Trance Plus Mix) by Mario Più
14 Unicorn (Remix '99) (Mas-Tea Mix) by Mario Più
15 Lizard (Mas Remix) by Mauro Picotto & Mario Piu
16 Bakerloo Symphony by R.A.F By Picotto
17 Ocean Whispers (Planet Mix) by R.A.F. by Picotto
18 Open Your Heart (Pyramid Mix) by Saccoman
19 Wave (R.A.F. Edit Mix) by Sosa Vs D.J. Taucher
20 Storm by Storm
21 The house of house by Cherry Moon trax 1


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