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TECHNO (PEAK TIME / DRIVING / HARD) 128 to 136 BPM -  I wanted to go a little harder this time so I favored faster trax (130 BPM +) from the top of The Beatport Techno Chart. There's an old axiom in DJing... "just play the hits" and this time that's what I did. This one includes material from: Bastet, Carl Cox, Charlotte de Witte, Coyu & Flug, Enrico Sangiuliano, Fergie, HI-LO, Ilario Alicante, Joyhauser, Kaspar (DE), Layton Giordani, Mha Iri, POPOF, Ramon Tapia, Reinier Zonneveld, Sam Wolfe, Space 92, T78, Teenage Mutants, The Age Of Love, Thomas Schumacher, Timmo, UMEK and many more. Stay safe y'all! Peace... Hoode Out


1 Liquid Night (Hoode Edit) by T78
2 The Age Of Love (De Witte & Sangiuliano Remix/Hoode Edit) by The Age Of Love
3 Mind's Eye (Hoode Edit) by Timmo
4 Aither (Hoode Edit) by Kaspar (DE)
5 Pure (EL Rancho Mix/Hoode Edit) by Carl Cox
6 Rave Atlas (Hoode Edit) by Ilario Alicante
7 Dark Sky (Hoode Edit) by Roger Lavelle
8 Horizon (Hoode Edit) by AKKI (DE), Kaspar (DE)
9 Insomnia (Hoode Edit) by Space 92, POPOF
10 Fear (Hoode Edit) by Torsten Kanzler
11 Mixed Signals (Hoode Edit) by Aardy, Shaun Moses
12 Basic Substance (Hoode Edit) by Bastet
13 Level Up (Hoode Edit) by Fergie
14 Lamana (Hoode Edit) by Joyhauser
15 Hypnos (Hoode Edit) by HILO
16 Rebirth (Hoode Edit) by Teenage Mutants
17 Hyper World (Hoode Edit) by Layton Giordani
18 Lysergic Acid (Hoode Edit) by Joyhauser
19 Take Me Away (Hoode Edit) by Beico
20 Prison Break (Hoode Edit) by Sam Wolfe, Andrea Garcia
21 Brainporting (Hoode Edit) by Luca Marchese
22 Morpheus (Hoode Edit) by Kaspar (DE)
23 Watchers Of The Sky (Hoode Edit) by Mha Iri, UMEK
24 Trek Drop (Hoode Edit) by Reinier Zonneveld, Theodor Nabuurs
25 Interlinked (Hoode Edit) by Thomas Schumacher
26 Moxie (Hoode Edit) by Thomas Schumacher
27 Vesperi (Hoode Edit) by Joyhauser
28 Zero Gravity (Hoode Edit) by Ramon Tapia
29 Pain Killer (Hoode Edit) by Marcelo Demarco
30 Pontape (Coyu & Flug Remix/Hoode Edit) by Renato Cohen
31 Asura (Hoode Edit) by Charlotte de Witte


DJBadger 'The Legendary'

Guerst DJ on DJ Badger's DanceMANIA Promo Show No 41 if thats ok only 1st 20/25 minutes