175 one year ago
TECHNO (PEAK TIME / DRIVING / HARD) 130 to 140 BPM - Tech issues that kept me off the decks for almost half a year... finally resolved! Once again I favored faster trax (130 BPM +) exclusively from the Beatport Techno (Peak Time/Driving/Hard) Chart. This one includes material from: A*S*Y*S, Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, Kai Tracid, Layton Giordani, Luis Miranda, MOTVS, Maddix, Mha Iri, Sam Paganini, Space 92, T78, Teenage Mutants, The YellowHeads, Thomas Schumacher, Tiger Stripes and more. Stay safe y'all! Peace... Hoode Out


1 Cool World (Hoode Edit) by The YellowHeads
2 Mercury (Hoode Edit) by HILO, Space 92
3 The Sound Of Space (Club Mix/Hoode Edit) by Enrico Sangiuliano
4 Die Transformation (Original Mix) by Teenage Mutants, Heerhorst, Dok & Martin
5 The Door (Original Mix) by Space 92
6 We Go On (Original Mix) by MOTVS
7 Rave (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix) by Sam Paganini
8 UFOs & LFOs (Original Mix) by Layton Giordani
9 Sunshine In The Dust (Hoode Edit) by Bart Skils
10 46 (Hoode Edit) by Danny Fontana, David Bean
11 Obsession (Hoode Edit) by The YellowHeads
12 Colonia (Hoode Edit) by Space 92
13 Something Unreal (Hoode Edit) by Karla Blum
14 PPT (Hoode Edit) by Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants
15 Teatro (Original Mix) by Teenage Mutants, Heerhorst, Dok & Martin
16 Meteor (Original Mix) by Space 92
17 Silence (Hoode Edit) by The YellowHeads, HLGRMS
18 Rage Control (Thomas Schumacher Club Mix/Hoode Edit) by Zajon
19 Rave The Planet (Original Mix) by A*S*Y*S, Kai Tracid
20 Mockmoon (Peace, Love, XTC) (Hoode Edit) by Kai Tracid, Genlog
21 The Reason (Hoode Edit) by Kos:mo
22 In My Soul (Hoode Edit) by Mha Iri
23 Resonate (Hoode Edit) by Lilly Palmer
24 First Time In Space (Original Mix) by Lilly Palmer
25 Into The Night (Hoode Edit) by Marie Vaunt, Slin Bourgh
26 Flash (Wehbba Remix/Hoode Edit) by Sam Paganini, Zoe
27 Konfusion (Thomas Schumacher Rework) by Maketech
28 xTc (Greenjack Acid Mix/Hoode Edit) by T78, Greenjack
29 Heute Nacht (Extended Mix) by Maddix
30 Nocturne (Original Mix) by Tiger Stripes
31 Space Cruising (Wehbba Remake) by Sharpside
32 Acid (Original Mix) by Uwe Thoma
33 Stay Awake (Hoode Edit) by Luis Miranda
34 Universal Consciousness (Original Mix) by Charlotte de Witte
35 Kali (Original Mix) by Charlotte de Witte
36 Trippin' (Original Mix) by Amelie Lens


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