375 one year ago

Huge Melodies, Beautiful Vocals & Hardcore Kicks.
I need nothing else from life!
@170BPM and just over an hour.

S3RL ft Krystal - Tripping on Mushrooms
Ben Nicky & Technikore feat. Karra - Never Knew (Extended Mix)
Ganar & SethroW - Forgiven
Summa Jae - If Ever (Technikore Remix)
Audiotricz & Atmozfears - What About Us (IYF & Hitman Bootleg)
Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness (PLVRZR Bootleg)
Hotchkiss & Davie Black - Don't Look Down
Pink - What about Us (Ganar Remix)
Summa Jae - Oblivion (Tatsunoshin Remix)
4* & Tatsunoshin - Should Known Better
Au5 feat. Tasha Baxter - Snowblind (Darren Styles Remix)
KALFORD - Just People (B0UNC3 & QUB3 Remix)
QUB3 & B0UNC3 - Run Away
Ganar - Know My Worth
JTS X Tatsunoshin - Afterlife
Mike Enemy feat. STATS - Animal
Joey Riot X Weaver - This Is A FKN Banger
Sphericz - Hold Me 


1 Tripping on Mushrooms by S3RL ft Krystal
2 Never Knew (Extended Mix) by Ben Nicky & Technikore feat. Karra
3 Forgiven by Ganar & SethroW
4 If Ever (Technikore Remix) by Summa Jae
5 What About Us (IYF & Hitman Bootleg) by Audiotricz & Atmozfears
6 Kill Em With Kindness (PLVRZR Bootleg) by Selena Gomez
7 Don't Look Down by Hotchkiss & Davie Black
8 What about Us (Ganar Remix) by Pink
9 Oblivion (Tatsunoshin Remix) by Summa Jae
10 Should Known Better by & Tatsunoshin
11 Snowblind (Darren Styles Remix) by Au5 feat. Tasha Baxter
12 Just People (B0UNC3 & QUB3 Remix) by KALFORD
13 Run Away by QUB3 & B0UNC3
14 Know My Worth by Ganar
15 Afterlife by JTS X Tatsunoshin
16 Animal by Mike Enemy feat. STATS
17 This Is A FKN Banger by Joey Riot X Weaver
18 Hold Me by Sphericz


DJBadger 'The Legendary'

guest DJ just for the 1st track LOL
Friday 20th 3pm
DJ Badger's DanceMANIA Promo Show 381 (2021 No 30)
Complete with Guest DJ Celse, Fake or Real Artist challenge ya mates to guess. Also the New Top 5 tunes of the week & Guess the original year and a bonus 4th Xtra hour of TOP Underground Music u have Just listen LIVE. Just Click da links below
also on Youtube & Twitch
The show is a Cracker of a 4 hr Club n underground Music Session A sensational Bangarang of a show LoL... Fully Friendly LGBTQN dance sounds
Both links were live but Video on Demand now activated on PlayDJTV: https://www.playdj.tv/DJBadgerTheLegendary
Full high Quality Audio feed via Mixcloud now uploaded so u can go down the Gym n workout with the tunage just look for DJ Badger 'The Legendary' "https://www.mixcloud.com/live/DJBadger1966/"
Its that Simples