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Last night's session


1 Fear The Future by Chaos & Julia Set
2 Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix ) by Boogie Times Tribe
3 Got The Music by DJ Seduction
4 Want You Now by D'Cruze
5 The Ace Of Clubs by Fu De La
6 Rude Bwoy Charge by AEK
7 Factor 5 (Tango Remix) by Tango
8 Let Me See Ya Move (Stu Allan 93 Mix) by Visa
9 Death Warmed Up by Taboo
10 Dance for Me by Bad Influence
11 We Are I.E. (Hybrid's Dark Mix) by Lennie De Ice
12 Masterminded Destination (Daydream Mix) by Warriors Of The Rave
13 Frequency Response by Knight Phantom
14 Voodoo Dolly by The Wriggler
15 Vision by The Pharmacist
16 Escape (Bell Mix) by Hunting Movement
17 Spanish Passion by Marcoesh
18 Techno Bop by Running Man
19 Quick Reach Me A Tissue by The Disciples Of Hardcore ft The Bartman
20 Plasma Vessel Eruption by The Disciples Of Hardcore ft The Bartman
21 Sudden Death by AEK
22 Secrets Of The Unknown (Hysteria Mix) by Synergy
23 Killer Mummy by The Psychopaths
24 Bumpin N Bumpin (Vocal Mix) by X Sample
25 untitled by Hardnoise
26 Hear The Drummer by Chad Jackson
27 Beat Dis (Gangster Boogie Inc, Remix) by Bomb The Bass
28 Rhyme Fighter by Mellow Man Ace
29 (Where Is My) Ecstasy by Ramin
30 Kickin' Bells by Deck 8 9
31 Roll it up by Success n Effect
32 Breakdancer by Stephane Deschezeaux
33 I See The Music by Deck 8 9
34 Jack To The Underground by The Underground ‎
35 Reckless Drivin (Pull Over Mix) by X Flash
36 Watch Me Flippin' Ribbed(Bold Belgium Mix) by Chuck Rascal
37 I Wanna Do A New Beat (HardCore Version) by Techno City
38 Times Up Timeless Mix by Age Of Chance ‎
39 Funny Moves by D Shake
40 Do You Want Me by Gotham E
41 Mona Lisa Overdrive (Thomas P Heckmann Remix) by Juno Reactor
42 I Do Both Jay and Jane by Dj Irene


Da Freshmaka
Da Freshmaka

INTENSITY from start 2 finish...I luv'd all the hard hittin' BEATS!