266 3 months ago
Taking you though a Journey of Soulful and Funky House Music for Your
Listening Pleasure. I know it has been a minute since I last posted a fresh mix (from April) on here but due to
unforeseen circumstances uploading this mix on here which it seems most users on here had similar problems with this site, I wasn't able to during the site issues. It seems like everything here is working again but never the less, enjoy and stay safe.  


1 “Fatherhood” (Main Mix) by Wipe the Needle
2 “Brotherly Tribute” (Mr.Eclectic Brother’s Keeper Remix) by Got Soul Collective & Mr.Eclectic
3 “Nobody But You” (DJ Spinna Remix) by DJ Spen & Fonda Rae
4 “Let’s Go Deeper” by Ross Couch
5 “There’s No Other Place” (Club Version) by Jaya Jenay
6 “Soul Glow” (Deep Soul Syndicate Remix) by Lee Wilson & Deep Soul Syndicate
7 “Love Me Right” (Mr.Eclectic & George Lesley Deep Soul Remix) by J.A.E, Mr.Eclectic, George Lesley
8 “Won’t Go Back” (The Stoned Remix) by Lebedev (RU), B.Jinx
9 “This Is House Music” (Original Mix) by Neil Chin
10 “Deep Intentions” (Original Mix) by Lesny Deep
11 “Gratitude” (Unharness Yourself Remix) by Avant
12 “What You Need” (Original Mix) by Tenobi
13 “Stress Sex” by Joselacruz
14 “In XTC” (Chico’s NYC Dub) by Brock Edwards & Jacques Waty
15 “Only Love” (Original Mix) by Sheldon So Goode, Deep Soul Syndicate, Jaya Jenay
16 “King’s Rub Yah Dub” by Native Bush aka Trinidadian Deep
17 “Get on the Dance Floor” (Brooklyn Beatdown Music) by Sande’ feat Biblical Jones
18 “Can U Feel the Heat” (DJ Spen Remix) by Smudged Soul & DJ Spen
19 “System Raw” (Zetbee Remix) by Robin Orlando, Nick Hollyster, Zetbee
20 “Supernatural” (Original Mix) by Nitescape, Joseph Bound, Liz Jai
21 “Deepah” (Original Mix) by Marc Cotterell
22 “Ten (Another Lover)” by Enrico Dragoni feat Venessa Jackson
23 “The Word” (Deep Mix) by Kyle Kim



Nice mix