265 23 days ago
Mixed in one go ( post covid - coughing like mad ) random grabbed tunes.
How I chuck my mixes together - I listen to the first 20 – 30 seconds of each unheard new tune, then mix – spose its Russian roulette mixing , but hey ho , fun trying to make “it” work.
No chapters nor titles .

Mixed old school ( ok not vinyl ) on cdj 400s , DJM250 mk2 mixer using Mp3’s (USB sticks ) recorded directly onto a Reloop 2 Mp3 recorder , no pc’s no serato , no programs nor editing of any kind – live as it was mixed.

Possible mistakes will be evident. I need to practice!

The title ?

This ones inspired by two good fellas having visited Egypt and endured the 54 degree heat .

Tune in turn on – pop in those ear buds , cans on , stereo up whatever . Sit back , choose you’re poison , close the eyes and enjoy OR even better whack it on yr system , bang up that volume and dance like the floors on fire.
I hope it tickles the space between the ears .

Oz - Sickrabbit

Please , ALL & Any feedback is most gratefully received.


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