133 4 months ago
90 minutes of only great music from the legendary clubs that resided on 27th Street (Sound Factory, Twilo, Tunnel) in NYC. We will also visit 14th Street, on occasion. 😉 🎧🎹🥁🌃

In this 2nd episode, we mostly visit 27th St & 12th Ave, aka Tunnel. Expect long mixes and at least 2 songs simultaneously for 50%+ of the set. Enjoy, like, comment, share!

This show is live on Tuesdays at 5pm ET/10pm UT on www.justhousemusic.co.uk


1 Can't Play Around (M.A.W. Vocal Dub) by Kathy Brown
2 One Night In Heaven (Tunnel Mix) by M People
3 Shake It by Jark Prongo
4 Killing Me Softly (Junior's Tunnel Anthem) by Fugees
5 One More Try (Junior's Factory Mix) by Kristine W
6 Always (MK Mix) + (12' Underground Mix) by MK feat. Alana
7 Together (Original Dub Version) by Interceptor
8 Girls & Boys (Seka Mix) by Hed Boys
9 Let Me Show You Love (Gerd's Crooklyn Full Vox Mix) by Romanthony
10 Ride On The Rhythm (Master At Work Dub) by Lil Louie & Marc Anthony
11 Stinkin Thinkin (Junior Style Mix) by Happy Mondays
12 Get Your Hands Off My Man (Fire Island Dub 4 Junior) by Junior Vasquez
13 So Get Up (Sound Factory Dub) by Underground Sound Of Lisbon
14 Atom Bomb (Classic Doomsday MixAtomic Mix) by DJ Pierre
15 Manhattan Anthem by The East Village Loft Society
16 Trouble (Junior's Black and Blue Mix) by Joi Cardwell
17 Dangerous (Junior Vasquez Tribal Dub) by Mercedes
18 Run Away (Factory Dub) by Real McCoy
19 Live and Die (Wild Pitch Mix) by DJ Pierre
20 Storm In My Soul (Junior Vasquez DMC mix) by Kamasutra
21 The Child (Junior's Club Mix) by Qkumba Zoo
22 Land Of The Living (Junior’s New Dub 2) by Kristine W
23 Release Me (Jeff's Hard House Mix) by Industry
24 Wave Speech [The Guitar Song] (Junior’s Extended Mix) by Peter Lazonby
25 Master Blaster [Turn It Up] (Original Mix) by Joint Venture



, DJ