Sydney - Australia
I've been DJing for several years and enjoy many styles of music. I definitely have a love & preference for vinyl, turntables and old school speaker systems that are pumping tunes at high voltage. Having learned the old fashioned way, to others who have also mastered their craft using decks, you all know the feeling. Creating that mix-tape in your garage, bedroom or home studio, then sharing it with your family & friends at a BBQ or drinks with your buddies. That's the love factor for music & communication. I believe that it's these types of platforms ( etc.) that allow all music lovers to share their fave classic music, share their latest mixes of the latest music, basically get all that creativity that's floating around in your mind across to an amazing & receptive forum. A collective of music lovers. Everyday humans. Please enjoy the mixes that I upload and feel free to share some mixes back. Cheers y'all...

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baiodeejay Sunday, November 10, 2019

yes thx..