1651 6 years ago

My latest foray into bassmusicland. I'm loving the creativity in bass music atm, the range of rhythms and tempos.

Hopefully this mix retains its energy as it weaves in and out of different genres. It was tricky choosing which genre to put this under on House-Mixes - i plumped for dubstep but it could equally go into the drum & bass section.

Expect quick fire mixing; looping and live editing using Rekordbox on the CDJ-2000s and DJM-2000. 


1 Mt Eden vs Nolita Knights by Distance Kills (Liquid Stranger Remix)
2 Liquid Stranger by Aftershock
3 Massappeals by F'd
4 The Frederik by Averse
5 Desert Dwellers by I Dropped It
6 Diplo by Revolution (Unlike Pluto remix)
7 PhuturePrimitive by Kinetik
8 Moresounds by Reality Tune
9 Origin Unknown by Valley Of The Shadows
10 Liquid Stranger by Bombaclaad Star
11 Snavs by Riot
12 Tommie Sunshine feat The Partysquad by Alright
13 Massappeals feat Mayor Apeshit by Guap Shit
14 PhuturePrimitive by Cryogenic Dreams
15 Jungle Brothers by Jungle Brother
16 Natural Born Chillers by Rock The Funky Beat
17 Kiwa vs Raappana by Päivä On Nuori
18 Liquid Stranger vs Run DMC by Crush Groovin
19 Fatboy Slim by Wonderful Night
20 Wishing On A Star (Dub mix) by Aphrodite
21 KOAN Sound by Strike
22 Moresounds by Blood
23 Tropkillaz by Badman
24 Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique by Bubble
25 Bazil, Payne & SC by Legion
26 Enei, Kasra by Inside The Box
27 AKOV by Retribution
28 AKOV by Mantra
29 Survival by Didgy
30 AKOV by Wartalk
31 Dub FX by The Sky
32 Tantrum Desire by Nightmare
33 Mungo's Hi Fi feat YT by Serious Time
34 Liquid Stranger feat MC Zulu & Nina by Golden Property
35 Mayor Apeshit vs Liquid Stranger by Weather Change (Buku remix)
36 Liquid Stranger by King Of The Hill
37 The Frederik (feat. Messinian) by Wyte
38 Jack U by Get Free vs Cinema VIP



Really feelin this one. Can i use it on Antifmradio.com ?


yeah man. spread the joy.


Nice energy - luvin the bass!