1724 7 years ago

Downtown Boomtown vibe. Ive been experimenting with laying D&B breaks over the top of dub rhythms. Hope it works. There are a variety of flavours, from the leftfield Tipper through to jungle and jump up, and finishing with Liquid Stranger's beautiful Zero Gravity. Lush. 

Recorded using Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus & DJM-2000.


1 Tantrum Desire by Goddess of Love
2 Rise At Night feat Virus Syndicate by Fingerprints
3 The Frederik (feat. Messinian) by Wyte
4 Nerve by Magic Medicine
5 ILLEFEX by The Hound
6 KOAN Sound by Forgotten Myths
7 Thesys by Routine
8 Tantrum Desire by Pump
9 Run Tingz & Breakah ft. Doubla J by Fully Loaded (Run Tingz Cru Jungle Remix)
10 Knife Party by Boss Mode
11 2 Nice by Uprising (Instrumental)
12 Elephant Man, Mob Tactics by Crazy Hype (Mad Run)
13 Tipper by Higgins
14 Fracture by Get Lost
15 Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique by She Want It Ruff
16 Fracture x DJ Monita by Ta Luv Ya [Fracture VIP]
17 Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique by Bubble
18 AKOV by Turbulence
19 KOAN Sound by Strike
20 Okuli by Game Over
21 Teknatronik by Controlling Your System (Metachemical Mix)
22 Far Too Loud by Trailmixing VIP
23 AKOV by Wartalk
24 S.P.Y. by Obsession
25 Pendulum vs Freestylers by Painkiller
26 Liquid Stranger by Zero Gravity



I'm luvin this mix!!