1188 5 years ago

This mini-mix is all about the place between dub and DnB. It's deep, dark and
heavy and brooding - thanks to an awesome new Noisia album and some tasty cranky
stuff coming across the pond at the moment from the Wakaan label crew.

It's my first 3 deck mix, utilising the extra cue points and loops available on the new CDJ-2000nxs2 deck.

The sound design on some of these tracks is incredible so I've
uploaded this as a top quality AIFF file to Soundcloud. For a lossless AIFF download go to https://soundcloud.com/dj-pod/sunk.

Recorded using DJM-2000nxs, 2x CDJ-2000nxs, CDJ-2000nxs2 & Rekordbox.


1 The Approach by Noisia
2 Pray by Gianni Marino & ICHI
3 Squad by Imadeus
4 Analog Desert by Enei
5 Turn My Music High by Proko
6 Plastic Lion by Ahab & Mars Pluto
7 Ego Altar by Esseks
8 Vengeance Rhythm (KOAN Sound Remix) by Two Fingers
9 Program by Noisia & Phace
10 Requiem For A Little World by Hex Eater
11 Possession by Noisia & Ivy Lab
12 Baratang by Antennae & Soohan
13 Sylvan by Dubvirus
14 Sinkhole by Noisia
15 Contemporary by Mefjus & Icicle
16 Jungle Beast by Djank Yucca
17 The Primal Source by Invadhertz
18 Scarab by Dubvirus
19 Dance by Araatan


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