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london - United Kingdom
from a very young age around 8 years of age, AURA knew he wanted to get into the music scene and be a DJ.
his very first taste in music was rave Jungle and dance music and Bollywood remixes.
fast forward to the summer of 1999 AURA now 13 discovered a genre that would change his life forever, That genre was Trance.
AURA was completely mesmerized by this magical spiritual uplifting sound and knew instantly that this was the genre for him.
The first Trance mix AURA heard was that of Paul Oakenfold @ space Ibiza 1999 on BBC Radio 1 .the mix brought tears to AURA who had taken the sound of Trance to his heart from that moment AURA had never experienced such emotion before.
From then on in AURA Started to regularly listen to Dj,s Such as Paul Oakenfold judge Jules Tiesto and other big names at the time .evermore expanding his knowledge and understanding of Trance.
At 18 AURA brought his first cd decks and started to hone his skills and define his own unique style influenced by his DJ idol Paul Oakenfold.
In 2008 AURA had the chance to see Paul Oakenfold DJ at the ministry of sound club in London. It was another defining moment for AURA he had finally seen his DJ idol and it was one of the best nights of his life.
in 2009 another defining moment happened AURA met a long lost school friend Neill Moore.
a fellow lover of trance.AURA and Neill would meet regularly to practice mixing and talk all things trance and help each to develop. AURA and Neill quickly developed an understanding of each other and pushed one another to get better.AURA and Neill would record regularly together often going back to back and then listening back for ways to improve. Neill and Aura would mix mainly Progressive and uplifting trance .in 2012 AURA discovered digital DJing and this is where his DJ journey really begun.
AURA recorded his first solo progressive Trance set entitled DREAM STATE. the mix was a huge hit and this encouraged AURA to record more and also record uplifting trance sets.
for the next 7 years, AURA would continue to master his style which he describes as melodic intense and uplifting.
2018 was the year AURA started to mix psytrance as a natural progression from progressive and uplifting styles.
In April 2018 AURA saw his DJ friend Neill Moore perform at the London psychedelic party PSYMERA
This influenced AURA to finally conquer his fear of performing and start to preform himself.
2019 was the breakthrough year for AURA He met techno and House DJ Jon Shelley who broadcast a progressive trance set on his elements radio show on pie radio.
AURA also submitted a psychedelic set for PSYMERA promoter Enzo who liked what he heard and gave AURA his first DJ set later in 2019.
the journey has just begun.


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