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This is it!! My 50th Hip Hop tribute mix.

This is not blends mix nor regular mix but combination of both. This has be the longest mix I made over the past 15 years. I didn't intend to make this mix so long but so many great tracks from the 80's I wanted to include as many artists as I could. Ultimately I decided to split the mix into two parts.

Also being this an 80's Hip Hop mix it would seem a major oversight to not include any the numerous Roxanne tracks but since Jorun Bombay already did that in his November 2020 Edition of his Funkbox Reload I decided to forgo adding any of tracks from the Roxanne Wars.

Download Here:

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1 Lyrical King (1987) by BLEND: T La Rock feat. Run DMC & Redhead Kingpin
2 Delancey Street (1987) by BLEND: Dana Dane feat. Almighty AG (Cold Crush Brothers), Grandmaster Caz & Special Ed
3 Jockbox (1986) by Skinny Boys
4 Stet Troop (1988) by Stetsasonic
5 Ya Better Bring A Gun (1987) by King Tee And Mixmaster Spade & The Compton Posse ‎
6 Mad Mad World (1988) by BLEND: The 7A3 feat. Rakim, MC Shan, KRS One
7 Whats My Name (1987) by BLEND: Steady B feat. Kurtis Blow,Sheila E, Castle D & The D.O.C.
8 The Dragon (1989) by BLEND: Biz Markie feat. Audio Two, T La Rock & Sparky D
9 My Mother (1986) by Divine Sounds
10 After Dark (1987) by True Mathematics
11 Comin' Correct (1988) by JJ Fad feat DJ Train
12 Lets Kick It Kic Kic (1986) by BLEND: Smitty D & The Rock Squad feat. EPMD, Dana Dane, Kool G. Rap & Roxanne Shante
13 Lyte Thee MC (1988) by MC Lyte
14 AJ Meets Davy DMX (1985) by Kurtis Blow
15 The Magnificient Jazzy Jeff (1987) by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
16 Timebomb (1987) by Public Enemy
17 Space Cowboy (1983) by The Jonzun Crew
18 Hollis Crew (KrushGroove 2) (1984) by BLEND: Run DMC feat. MC Hammer, Kwame, Grand Puba (Masters of Ceremony) & Antoinette
19 PSK What Does It Mean (1985) by BLEND: Schoolly D feat. Busy Bee & The Masterdon Committee,
20 The Force M.D.'S Meet The Fat Boys (1986) by Force MD's feat. The Fat Boys
21 Just For Fun (1986) by Whistle
22 Funky Dividends (Goin' For Broke Remix) (1988) by BLEND: Three Times Dope feat. Doug E. Fresh & Run DMC
23 New Rap Language (1980) by BLEND: Treacherous Three & Spoonie Gee feat. Rappin Duke, The Fearless Four, Sir Mix-A-Lot & Crash Crew
24 Brooklyn's In The House (1986) by Cut Master DC
25 It's a Heat Up (1989) by King Sun ‎
26 Getting Large (1989) by Black Rock And Ron
27 Hype Time Remix (1988) by The Bizzie Boyz
28 Kit What's The Scoop (1988) by Slick Rick
29 Shake Your Rump (1989) by BLEND: Beastie Boys feat. Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 & Kid N Play
30 No More ?'s (1988) by Eazy E
31 Ghetto Thang (1989) by De La Soul
32 Growing Up (1986) by Whodini


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