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Step into a world of vibrant beats and irresistible rhythms with the "Eclectic Groove Mix." This carefully curated blend of tracks spans various subgenres within the electronic music spectrum, taking you on a journey through the infectious sounds of house, deep house, and techno.

Kicking things off with Jo Paciello's "Circle Star," we set the mood with its hypnotic melody and groove.
Samann's "Your Touch" (Tuccillo Remix) follows, infusing a touch of soul into the mix.
"It's Time To Jack" by Jo Paciello and French La Tour brings a classic house vibe, making it impossible not to move your feet.
Mo'Cream takes us "About Last Night" with a funky bassline that's simply irresistible.
"Running From Behind" by Homero Espinosa keeps the energy flowing, blending perfectly with Ricardo Criollo House's "Fuego."
Dany Cohiba's "Las Marismas" adds an exotic twist to the mix before we dive into the iconic "Mystery of Love" (DJ Mel ReGentryfication) by Mr. Fingers.
Doche's "Free My Mind" (Sebb Junior Extended Remix) introduces a deeper, introspective moment.
Miles G's "Panamra" (Alex Field Remix) and "Extasie" by DRINHO elevate the vibe with their lush melodies.
"FunkHauz" by Roy Ford brings us back to the dancefloor with its groovy bassline.
DirtyTwo's "Friday" (Baltra Remix) keeps the energy high, preparing us for a climactic ending.
Finally, we wrap up the mix with "Tillsammans," delivering a sense of unity and togetherness through music.
With a seamless blend of these tracks, "Eclectic Groove Mix" promises to take you on an unforgettable musical journey, captivating your senses and leaving you with a desire for more. Get ready to dance, groove, and lose yourself in the world of electronic music. Enjoy the ride! πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί


1 Cicle Star by Jo Paciello
2 Your Toch ( Tuccillo by Samann
3 It’s Time To Jack by Jo Paciello, French La Tour
4 About Last Night by Mo’Cream
5 Running From Behind by Homero Espinosa
6 Fuego by Ricardo Criollo House
7 Las Marismas by Dany Cohiba
8 Mystery of Love (DJ Mel ReGentryfication) by Mr. Fingers
9 Free My Mind (Sebb Junior Extended Remix) by Doche
10 Panamra (Alex Field by Miles G
11 FunkHauz by Extasie, DRINHO
12 Friday (Baltra Remix) by Roy Ford
13 Tillsammans by DirtyTwo



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