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Hello Music Lovers, Today, I present to you an enchanting deep house mix that promises to make you sweat and move your feet to the rhythm. Let's dive into the tracklist and explore the beautiful melodies and captivating beats woven into this audio masterpiece.

"Sigray - Make You Sweat (Alternative Version)": We begin our journey with an alternative version of "Make You Sweat" by Sigray, an artist known for crafting infectious dance tracks that stir up the energy on any dancefloor.
"Random Fact - On This Day (Thorne Miller Remix)": Next up, we have Thorne Miller's remix of "On This Day" by Random Fact, a mesmerizing tune that seamlessly blends ethereal sounds with a pulsating bassline.
"Moe Turk - Eye Que": Moe Turk graces us with "Eye Que," an entrancing track that takes you on a melodic voyage filled with dreamy elements and deep grooves.
"Kevin Yost - Let Me In (23 Extended Rework Remix)": Get ready to be taken in by the hypnotic vibes of Kevin Yost's "Let Me In" in this extended rework remix, which exudes a captivating aura.
"La Casita, Club Soda - To The Sky (Extended Mix)": The ethereal sounds of "To The Sky" by La Casita and Club Soda elevate our spirits and evoke a sense of euphoria.
"Martin. Brodin - Deep Shit (Karol XVII & MB Valnce Loco Remix)": Karol XVII & MB Valnce breathe new life into "Deep Shit" by Martin. Brodin, delivering a fresh perspective on this groovy piece.
"T. Markakls - Desire (Manuel Kane Remix)": Manuel Kane's remix of "Desire" by T. Markakls infuses the mix with an enchanting blend of soulful vocals and rhythmic beats.
"Azmuth, Bruce Leroys - Melo da Cuíca (Aureum Remix)": Aureum's remix of "Melo da Cuíca" takes us on a vibrant ride with its Afro-inspired rhythms and infectious energy.
"Thierry Tomas - Jacky Jack": Thierry Tomas presents "Jacky Jack," a track with a groovy bassline that's bound to get you moving on the dancefloor.
"Aaron Hedges, Aerea Neg - My Habits (Smash TV Remix)": Smash TV's remix of "My Habits" by Aaron Hedges and Aerea Neg injects the mix with a dose of dynamic and magnetic beats.
"La Casita - To Deep": La Casita returns with "To Deep," a soulful journey that envelops you in a warm embrace of melodious sounds.
"DeMarkus Lewis - Airlock (Sebb Junior Remix)": Sebb Junior's remix of "Airlock" by DeMarkus Lewis adds a funky twist to the mix, keeping us immersed in its rhythmic allure.
"Henrik Villard - Mine": Henrik Villard's "Mine" delivers a captivating combination of deep chords and euphoric tones, leaving a lasting impression.
"Mikekon - Shapes": "Shapes" by Mikekon explores intricate soundscapes, inviting us to get lost in its rich textures and harmonies.
"Scott Diaz - The Soul Fusion Track (NO MC Version)": We reach the penultimate track, "The Soul Fusion Track" by Scott Diaz, a pure instrumental masterpiece that lets the music speak for itself.
"Intr0beatz - While You’re Here": We conclude this unforgettable mix with "While You're Here" by Intr0beatz, a perfect blend of melancholic melodies and deep house rhythms that will linger in your heart.
In summary, this deep house mix offers a captivating journey through soulful beats, inviting you to lose yourself in its melodic charm. Each track brings its unique flavor, making this an experience you won't want to miss. Thank you for joining me on this musical adventure!


1 Make You Sweat (Alternative Version) by Sigray
2 On This Day (Thorne Miller Remix) by Random Fact
3 Eye Que by Moe Turk
4 Let Me In ( 23 Extended Rework Remix) by Kevin Yost
5 To The Sky (Extended Mix) by La Casita, Club Soda
6 Deep Shit (Karol XVII & MB Valnce Loco Remix) by Martin. Brodin
7 Desire (Manuel Kane Remix) by T. Markakls
8 Melo da Cuíca (Aureum Remix) by Azmuth, Bruce Leroys
9 Jacky Jack by Thierry Tomas
10 My Habits (Smash TV Remix) by Aaron Hedges, Aerea Neg
11 To Deep by La Casita
12 Airlock (Sebb Junior Remix) by DeMarkus Lewis
13 Mine by Henrik Villard
14 Shapes by Mikekon
15 The Soul Fusion Track ( NO MC Version) by Scott Diaz
16 While You’re Here by Intr0beatz


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