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Deep House Afro
Explore a captivating journey through genres with this DJ mix featuring a dynamic lineup of tracks. "The Green" sets the stage with its entrancing beats, transitioning seamlessly into the soothing vibes of "The Night Is Blue." Ross Couch's "Don’t Let Me Fall" takes the groove a notch higher, while Vhyce's "Out Of The Blue (Franz Matthews Remix)" infuses a touch of electrifying nostalgia.

As the mix progresses, DJ Christian B's "Regular Highs" keeps the energy alive, seamlessly blending into The Collective's "Sunrise," which ushers in dawn with its melodic hooks. "The King Of Party" by Joselacruz takes the tempo up a notch, followed by Sebb Junior's "I Heard You Calling," which keeps the crowd engaged and dancing.

The mood deepens with "Greater Than Us" by Gorge, a track that effortlessly evolves into the Gorge Extended Remix of "Wasted Time" by Greater Than Us, featuring Dé Saint. Kessidis and Bucher Camp's "Again (Deep Mix)" follows suit, infusing layers of intricate soundscapes.

T. Markakis's "Feel So High" introduces euphoria into the mix, creating a sonic tapestry that leads into the rhythmic intensity of Ricardo Criollo and House Freaks' "Fuego." Carlo's "Temores" adds a touch of mystery, leaving the listeners in a trance-like state as the mix gradually comes to an end.

This DJ mix showcases a skillful fusion of tracks, expertly curated to take the audience on a sonic journey through different emotions and beats. From mesmerizing melodies to pulsating rhythms, each track weaves seamlessly into the next, resulting in an unforgettable musical experience that leaves the listeners craving for more


1 The Night Is Blue by The Green
2 Don’t Let Me Fall by Ross Couch
3 Out Of The Blue (Franz Matthews Remix) by Vhyce
4 Regular Highs by DJ Christian B
5 Sunrise by The Collective
6 The King Of Party by Joselacruz
7 I Heard You Calling by Sebb Junior
8 Wasted Time (feat. Dé Saint) Gorge Extended Remix by Gorge, Greater Then Us
9 Again (Deep Mix) by Kessidis, Bucher Camp
10 Feel So High by T.Markakis
11 Fuego by Ricardo Criollo, House Freaks
12 Temores by Carlo



This is good ... damn good ....I just love it .


Thank You for the Response Chumdog