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Deep House House
Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the highly anticipated Deep House Session 2023, an event that promises to immerse you in the captivating world of deep house music. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other as we present a lineup of talented artists who will whisk you away with their soul-stirring compositions. Without further ado, let’s delve into the enchanting realm of Deep House Session 2023.

To set the mood, Two Lanes opens the session with “Healing,” a mesmerizing track that soothes the soul and transports us to a place of serenity. Big Al and Below Bankook venture into the “Dark Forest,” a hauntingly beautiful composition that immerses us in an atmospheric realm of deep house sounds.

Inkfish and Microlot collaborate on “Vespera (Microlot’s Warm Sunrise Mix),” a melodic masterpiece that evokes a sense of tranquility and bliss. DJ Christian B captivates us with “Hold Me Close,” a poignant creation that tugs at the heartstrings and invites us to embrace the power of connection.

Maxim Lany joins forces with Ayla on “Gravity Feat. Ayla (Adam Sellouk Extended Remix),” an ethereal and hypnotic track that defies gravity itself, lifting us to new heights. 6th Borough Project unveils the “Truth,” a soulful composition that delves into the depths of introspection and self-discovery.

Nora En Pure enchants us with her timeless classic “Saltwater,” a melodic gem that stands as a testament to the enduring power of deep house music. Ialo Ieyy and Jose Aranda present “Next To Me (T.Markakis Remix),” a groovy and infectious creation that urges us to dance and embrace the moment.

Kevin Yost gathers us together with “All Get Together,” a rhythmic and harmonious track that fosters unity and connection on the dancefloor. Ursela Rucker and Darioo D’Attis collaborate on “Be Gone (Dario D’Attis Retro Mix),” a nostalgic and soul-stirring performance that resonates deeply within us.

David Bailey invites us to “Twist” to his infectious beats, infusing the atmosphere with an irresistible energy. Micro Savoldelli takes us back to where it all began with “Where We Started,” a reflective and melodic composition that pays homage to the roots of deep house.

Soul Wun guides us on a profound journey of self-discovery with “Searching,” an introspective track that encourages us to delve deep within ourselves. Jackard transports us back to the golden era of house music with “Old School 96,” a nostalgic and groove-inducing tribute to the past.

Tuccillo concludes the session with “The Waves,” a mesmerizing track that washes over us with its soothing rhythm and melodic waves. As the music fades, we are left with a profound sense of fulfillment and a longing for the next Deep House Session to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, Deep House Session 2023 promises to be an immersive experience that will awaken your senses, ignite your spirit, and transport you to a realm of deep house bliss. Get ready to lose yourself in the rhythm and let the music guide you on an unforgettable journey. Enjoy the session!


1 Healing by Two Lanes
2 Dark Forest by Big Al, Below Bankook
3 Vespera (Microlot’s Warm Sunrise Mix) by Inkfish, Microlot
4 Hold Me Close by DJ Christian B
5 Gravity Feat. Ayla (Adam Sellouk Extended Remix) by Maxim Lany, Ayla
6 Truth by th Borough Project
7 Saltwater by Nora En Pure
8 Next To Me (T.Markakis Remix) by Ialo Ieyy, Jose Aranda
9 All Get Together by Kevin Yost
10 Be Gone ( Dario D’Attis Retro Mix) by Ursela Rucker, Darioo D’Attis
11 Twist by David Bailey
12 Where We Started by Micro Savoldelli
13 Searching by Soul Wun
14 Old School 96 by Jackard
15 The Waves by Tuccillo


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