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HouseMonk is an avid fan of house music. He has followed house music from it's earliest beginnings when the majority of house music was coming out of Chicago from the likes of Chip E., JM Silk and Marshall Jefferson. HouseMonk watched the evolution of house music as the NY/NJ house scene grew "MAW, Barbara Tucker, Todd Terry." HouseMonk greatest affection for house music come from his hometown where he clubbed year round to the soulful tunes that the local DJs and producers "DJ Spen, Teddy Douglas, Mark Henry, Sean Caesar, DJ Pope, DJ OJI, Ultra Nate" played at various nightclubs. HouseMonk took a sabbatical from the music he loved because he foolishly thought that growing older meant that you had to stop enjoying things that you enjoyed in your youth. However, thanks to a unexpected trip to a dance tent at a music festival where he experienced a two hour session by Carl Cox. His love for house music was reborn. HouseMonk spiritual awakening was further enhanced by his discovery of the Soulgood website. The Soulgood music experience helped HouseMonk realize that house music influences have become global and he must walk the earth to discover the many flavors that his favorite music has become. HouseMonk considers himself to be a "BathTub DJ", mixes better in the comfortable confines of his MonkCave with a nice glass of Grand Marnier than in an actual club. Over the years, HouseMonk has made over 300 mixes for his own enjoyment throughout the past few years with mixed results. HouseMonk decided to step away briefly from the dance music world in 2016 to spend some time headbanging in the Death Metal scene. In 2017, HouseMonk has decided that it's time refocus on the music that he loves, and look forward to sharing some of it with you.

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luca-s Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I liked your presentation written on the side. Becoming more mature is not a defect but a merit. In fact, I started with my first appearance back in 1986, starting with the 80s dance, then evolving with techno, acid techno, trance ... until today I get with dark techno, hardstyle, rawstyle, and hardcore. I will follow you'.