97 one month ago
10 of my mashups most played by registered users on remix audio@26/08/23. Mixed in order of 10-1.


1 Warrior Say So (MH Mashup) by Doja Cat vs MC Wildski (10)
2 Fantasy Warning (MH Mashup) by Mariah Carey vs Notorious B.I.G (9)
3 Missing Into The Groove (MH Mashup) by Madonna vs The Vision Ft Andreya Triana & Ben Westbeech (8)
4 Tom's Diamonds (MH Mashup) by Rihanna vs DNA Ft Suzanne Vega (7)
5 Jesus, It's A Fine Day (MH Mashup) by Depeche Mode vs Kirsty Hawkshaw (6)
6 Its Too Hallelujah (MH Mashup) by Happy Mondays vs The Streets (5)
7 Feeling Ice Ice Baby Obsession Too (MH Mashup) by Vanilla Ice vs Animotion vs The 3 Jays (4)
8 Thats Not My Clap Trap (MH Mashup) by The Ting Tings vs Fester (3)
9 Freakin' Hot & Fun (MH Mashup) by N*E*R*D Ft Nelly Furtado vs Jodeci/MK (2)
10 What Time Can You Do For Me (MH Mashup) by The KLF vs Utah Saints (1)


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