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A blend in and out of House, Jackin beats and Old School style Piano Tracks, featuring lots of On the Groove releases. https://trax-radio-uk.com/


1 You Used Too (Original Mix) by James Womersley
2 Must Be (Original Mix) by Johnny Stayer
3 Keys & Scales (Original Mix) by Reecey Dixon
4 Funky Bass Town (Extended Mix) by Dale Move
5 No Judgement (Extended Mix) by Franky Rizardo, Joe Goddard
6 Don't Leave Me (Original Mix) by Royse
7 Baby There's Enough (Original Mix) by Peter Ellis
8 All Over The Place (Original Mix) by Topa
9 Higher Ground (Sebb Junior Extended Remix) by Darren Regan
10 I Surrender (Original Mix) by James Womersley
11 51 by Glasidum
12 At Night (New Remixes) (Original Mix) by Shakedown
13 There For You (feat. Alix Robson, Anita Traci) (Original Mix) by Darren Brandon
14 It Took A Long Time (Original Mix) by Bence K!SS
15 Time For Ths (Original Mix) by Paul Orwin
16 Cape In Control (McDonald & Jannetta Remix) by S
17 The Dj Made My Day by Douglas Allen
18 Retropolis (Original Mix) by DnG Flavor
19 You & I (Original Mix) by McDonald & Jannetta
20 It's Your Time (Original Mix) by Chris Geldard
21 We Let It Go (Original Mix) by Peter Ellis
22 I Like It Far Out (Original Mix) by Angus McDonald
23 The Bass Goes 40 Miles (Original Mix) by Joel H
24 Rhythm Is Hot (Original Mix) by Ant Healey
25 Fantasy (Original Mix) by Grooveternal



Nice nix :)


Thank you for listening, glad you enjoyed it :D


i Love it. Great mix One Old Fool !
Grtz ; Peace , Love & Music.
Erik , dj E 4 Energy.


Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it, thank you for listening.