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Berwyn, IL - United States
Steve Santoyo

I started mixing in 1980 (Chicago), fortunately catching a break after only 3 years and started the hotmix show on WCRX 88.1fm (Columbia College), it was huge success. I continued in the mix for several years on the air, but also peaking the interest of many other radio shows along the way, throughout that time also mixing guest spots on WBMX 102.7 fm, WKKC 89.3 fm, WCYC 90.5 fm, WGDR 91.1 fm in Vermont, and in the upcoming years WGCI 107.5 fm, WBBM (B96) 96.3 fm. These days, internet radio shows have played a big part of today’s culture in the music scene, I have mixed on many internet shows throughout the recent years, which keeps me in the groove, and also allows me, the D.J. to stay fresh out there in the music circuit.

Production became a part of my ambition in the early 90’s, 1993 is when I purchased my studio equipment and started on my way to yet another passion of mine. I started learning very quickly the dedication and time consuming efforts I needed to be a successful producer in this business, as I was told many times, “experience is the best teacher” that is the honest truth! With that in mind I was on my way and finally in 1996 sold my first E.P. and many more to follow, record labels included: Hot Jams, Underground Construction, Jasper Stone, Renegade, Greedy, Skribe, Witchana, Omnibus, Fusion. I have had a number of titles released and supported by many music circuits in the United States, also outside the country/over sea’s as well.

Clubs/ DJ Battles have been a very important part of my career as I evolved from the early days up until today, not so much the battles in today’s era of the music bizz, but looking back it was really very critical to showcase your mixing abilities live on the turntables, in clubs, and battles. Which intern created a mixing/production skill that has always made me, my own critic in perfecting my ability to perform at any level, whether in the studio producing or creating a mix.
In 2016-2017 I have established “Always Music Records” a label founded by Myself and Vince Vasquez, we plan to release many different titles and genres of music to catch the ears of all music lovers, also releasing a number of my previous releases with remixes that never made it out and also titles that are still in demand and no longer available.

Now in 2017, I am actively working in the studio, always learning, that’s a given…working on mixes and production, always moving forward. You can follow me on Facebook / Steve Santoyo, also my mixes are presented on & free downloads a must.

I am available for bookings, contact: Steve Santoyo 773-682-7803
In House Studio, Chicago

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SteveSantoyo 25 January 2016

DJR66, I use to use Stompy, but they closed, now mostly traxsource.

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DJR66 19 January 2016

Where do you download your music from? Love it!

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80s Housemaster Dj Geo
80s Housemaster Dj Geo 16 April 2015

Just keep rockin, "Housemasta"!'