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Zürich - Switzerland
The history of C.R.I.P. – ComeRaveInPeace started back in 1988 when DJCrip was using the Dj Name “PeeGee” as early as the year 1988. PeeGee aka Crip bought his first records when Acid music came around but back in 1990 there was a big change. PeeGee changed his Dj Name to Crip & organised the first Techno events in Davos/Switzerland. With he’s long time friend & Dj & Studio Partner Sergio-Rampoldi/Dj Creator aka Sergio-R from Italy. Back in 1992 when all the OldSkool Breaks came up Crip use to watch every evening “Party-Zone” on MTV, that was the time when Crip got hit by the UK-Breaks & Vibes.
1994 Crip had the chance to play at events all over Switzerland & later in 95 all over europe.
Other alias he uses: ComeRaveInPeace, Robin Groove, The Technomaniac, Robin-H, Radical C.B., DjBurnout, DjWedlock, ALPINA, HANIA, ExuscitatiProject, Junglistica,..
DjCrip is the founder of: Technomaniac DJs (together with JeffAmadeus/UK on 4deck)
During this time C.R.I.P. had the chance to play with several Dj’s such as: Carl Cox(UK), Slipmatt(UK), Mauro Picotto(I), Colin Faver(UK), DjGizmo(NL), Dj Ruffneck(NL), Mickey Finn(UK), Brenda Russel(UK), DjHype(UK), Grooverider(UK), Nicky Blackmarket(UK) and many more..
DJ C.R.I.P enjoys mixing on 3 deck’s, Scratching & also DMC Style.
In the future he intend to get on loads of productions & host events in 2013 & 2014.
Sound Style’s
Old-Skool Breakbeat/HC, Old-Skool Dance, Techno/Schranz
Happy Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber, Breakcore
Drum&Bass, House, Prog./Pumin-House/Techno, Tech-House
Labels & SubLabels:
1996 UnionLove Prod./Rec. (Major Label)
1997 Devil Dance Rec.
1998 Nuclear Phantastic Prod./Rec.
2000 Passion Prod. (UnionLove changed to Passion Prod.)
2000 Technomaniac Prod./Rec.
2000 Silent Soul Rec.
2003 OldSkoolMassive Prod/Rec.
2007 Brain Crash Rec.
2011 Brotherhood Rec.
Member of (past & present)
Bass Generator Rec. (UK), Nakedbeatz (UK), Headrush (UK), Interdance (UK), RMU Crew/Rec. (CH), Bassride Crew (CH)
CRYPT Prod. (BRA & CH), Jungle Rocket (CH), Hellgate Crew/Rec. (CH), Pharcyde Events (RSA) and many more..
Productions & Releases 2011
Atlantis EP, Euphoria EP, Keep On Dancing EP, Lord Of The Drums EP, Underground EP, Energetic Cybernetic EP
The Unknown Album, and many DubPlates and other productions..
Productions & Releases 2010
Aqua EP, Aqua Album, LSD EP, False Flag Operation EP, Contrast Pt.1&2, Lord Of The Drums EP, Trance Tools 1&2,
Terrordome EP, EEzzEE Selecta EP, Private Plate 2&3, Realized EP (RMU3), Euphoria EP, Christmas 2010/11 Free EP
Sensation EP and many DubPlates and other productions..
Streetparade (CH), Energy (CH), Lakeparade (CH), Circus Of Hardcore (D), Judgement Day (D), Daymay At Mayday (D)
Masters Of Hardcore (NL), Innovation (CH), Jungle Raiders (POL), Tetris Safari (UK), Hardcore Heaven (USA), Angels Of Hardcore (USA)
Otaku (JAP), King Of The Jungle (CH), Pharcyde Events (RSA), ECU Rimini (IT), Discotic (IT) Rave City (D), Rome HC Festival (IT)
HC Nation, Technowarefare, Deviant Sound System, Full Moon Party Australia, and many more…
Tarm-Center, Oxa, Dockside, Dome, Hippodrome, Village, Planet Dülmen, Roxy, Niaxa, ECU, Top-Ten, Viva, Dockside, Roxy
Le Glazard, Zenith De Nancy, The Function, D-Light, G-Spot, Isis, Rohstofflager, Club Rouge, OH, and many more…
Promoter of
The Big Spine Road Event, Camps Bay Beach Partys, The Pharcyde, Athlone Carneval, Mitchells Plain Open-Air & Beach Partys
Dreamworld, Jungle Invasion, Streetparade & Lakeparade Lovemobiles, Born On The Street, Kill The VIP, and many more…

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