Victoria BC - Canada
Rod Mack 111-1414 Hillside Ave Victoria B.C. V8T 2B8 PH# 250-595-4627 Cell#250-216-8401 DJ & OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE- BC CLUB DJ CHAMPION 1998, 2000 2007-Current: Custom Music with Denny's Canned Music to Current or can be hired privately,"Shaw Cable TV 2007 Christmas Party", "Crammer Real estate 2007 Christmas Party", "Pro Hockey Player Jeff Courtnal & Son's Birthday Party"at their estate in Oakbay Dallas Road Water front house Victoria 2007 –Current Party Mobiles with Candu Music "Shaw Cable TV Halloween Party" Fall 2007 to 2008 guest DJ at Bar Code Victoria All the latest in Hip Hop and a number #1 Retro night (90's night) Spring 2007 to Fall SYN/Fusion Dalton Hotel 759 Yates ST I have custom designed a music format working with Duncan Morrison the owner I use a Laptop computer with over 4,000 songs from all types of music I use the DJ program Virtual DJ4.2. All types of music from Deep House to classic rock to retro a big variety. Also custom designed Music for different parts of the day & evening. Summer 2006 to February 2007 Custom day time music for GLO Euro Pub Working with Paul the owner on custom music for particular times of the day again using my Laptop to mix all the music together. Using Acid Jazz, Deep House music Winter 2006 Spring 2007Carlton Cabaret Ltd.1153 Esquimalt Road 1 night a week Where I used my Laptop with Virtual DJ to mix all forms of music desired. 2003-2006 The Clubhouse Strathcona hotel. All computerized using PCDJ Red With a computer with 2 sound cards so you can que up next song and mix by bar not just by beat. 2000-2003 Legends night club Strathcona Hotel Victoria Technics 1200 MK II Turntables. GLI CD Player. Allan & Heath Mixing board Also the introduction to a computer as a new and flexible source of adjustable speed music using PC DJ RED So having the computer was like having another 2 turntables or CD players. All light show controlled by computers. Format top 40 R& B and club music all varieties. 1995- 2000 Merlins / Uforia Format top 40 and club hits Victoria. 1200 MK II Turntables. tables as above also GLI CD Player. 1990-1995 Sweetwaters Victoria, Equipment Used 1500 MK II Turntables Rain Mixing board GLI CD Player.r. Format: older classics for the over age 30 crowd During this time I also worked at Club La haciendaOlder format again(Market Square Victoria) The Cookoos nest Top 40 and club top music in the late '80's early 90's (Strathcona Hotel Victoria) Also Hugo's Modern hits with house and trance (Marigold Hotel Victoria) The Sting All top Club music (Strathcona Hotel) Max Headroom Progressive Euro club music House Techno 1982-1990 Pals Night club Victoria Equipment Used Technics 1500 MK II Turntables light show Computerized GLI 3990 Mixing board. Top Gay Club music trance house progressive Techno 1979-1986 Deca Dance Night Club Century Inn Hotel Victoria 2X Technics Turntables 1500 MK II GLI 3880 Mixing board Format Top 40 Club Music. 1977-1979 Dancers teen Disco Victoria BC Equipment I have been experienced with 2X Technics 1500 MK II digital turntables Cerwin Vega DM 3000 Mixing board Sansue BA 5,000 Power Amp. Dance Floor 4X Cerwin Vega 2 way Speakers. Format Top 40 Dance Computer experience 2001-2006 Owner/operator web designer (honors Degree @ Compu-Colledge) of Jagworks Web Design Victoria look at sample web designs I have done. I also design event Posters and business cards. For more about my Computer web design experience, go to In Skydiving I taught skydiving from 1987 to 2003 @ Ultimate High Parachute Centre Victoria, I was also on the Canadian skydive team at 4 skydive world championship. Movie Experience I got paid as an Extra in X-Man II filmed at Royal Roads University Victoria COMPUTER SKILLS • DJ computer Programs-- DJ Studio Programs PCDJ Red, PCDJ-FX, Virtual DJ 2.01 Windows XP • Microsoft Word, Excel, • Adobe Photo Shop. • Macromedia ;Dream Weaver • Internet: Web page Design • E-mail. Click on Business Card for types of music I am currently using an Acer laptop with over 20,000 songs on it from all Venues of music from Club-old & new, Rave, R&B, Country, Big Band,Pop,Old Rock, ETC. The electronic age has come to the Dj world. So take advantage as I can be hired at a reasonable price just ask. I have my own medium size loud portable sound system. You could have all the mixing and music of a club DJ (me) you and I can decide on. And all the professional mixing and variety. So call for an estimate. So customize your house party or house reception for cheap. Or if your a club owner looking for a club DJ with almost 30 years of all types of club experience. (I started to DJ at a teen club when I was 16)

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Raidersfan Monday, February 27, 2017

DJdaddymack, your mixes are sooooo nice. Thank you.