Roma - Italy
I think I put in synch my first two vinyls a long, long time ago… Let me think a bit, I can remember what they were… Yes, I remember them well… Everybody's Free from Rozalla and the other was This is Your Life from Banderas. Wow! Two tracks that made me shake like mad. We're talking about the 80's Was a disco in a small mountain village at 1,000 m of height where I spent my holidays every year. A real heaven on Earth… It was a garden, I believe it was the only disco with fruit trees in the middle, ready to be eaten *Yummy* You'll ask yourself "How old is Dirtyangel"? Don't you believe in angels? Well, I am an angel so I wouldn't know how to answer to your question… I don't know how many of your years I can tell you that I have always been around, since a very long time I was born and raised in discos, by day, by night and by early morning. Obviously I took part in all the other Paradises spread across the planet… Ibiza and the different festivals around: Street Parade in Zurich, Love Parade in Berlin and so many rave parties (my daily bread) :) Since 5 years, I live with my friends happily on Second Life! I don't think I belong to the generation of the new Digital DJs I know about many of the issues against them… But i want to tell to everyone who already has spread all its poison against Digital DJs to keep cool and relax and enjoy the power of music, because war is always tough… There are hordes of meta DJs within the Metaverse and you have seen nothing yet xD My life is in between In-world and Out-world Clubs! Leaving apart all non-musical related matters, here you can listen to my mixes and soon also to my tracks… If you own a Club or if you organize events, you can contact me from here and ask me all you like! Don't forget.. * We can do anythings. No thought is dirty when the heart beats music time* When i was kid playing video games ... imagining the lives of the characters in the game! Today I am a character in video games .... and....... *YES! I'M AN HAPPY AVATAR* DA ^O^ -ENJOY THE MUSIC-

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