974 8 years ago

Part of a 4 hour eclectic mix i did this October. I pressed record and just played...and played. I forgot i was recording and this is what happened. 

I wish i could feel the flow like this every time I DJ out - I think most DJs take a while to warm up and get in sync with the crowd so it's nice not to be constrained by a 90 minute set time.

This section covers trance, breaks, progressive, electro, techno and acid. The tracks span from when I first started mixing back in the mid-90's right up to the present day. 

Recorded using Rekordbox - CDJ-2000s and a DJM-800.


1 Love Washes Over by Art Of Trance
2 Bullit by Greg Cerrone
3 Back To The Roots by Blazer
4 Infected by Blazer
5 Get This Good by Slyde
6 Stay Out All Night by Sam Hell
7 Prawn Jack by Hedflux & Tom Wilkes
8 Higher State Of Consciousness by Josh Wink
9 Roll The Drums by B-Phreak
10 Crazy (Pod edit) by Black Russian
11 Pardon Garcon by Autokratz
12 Blue Bottle by POB feat Patrick Reid
13 Live @ Crystal Palace by Nalin & Kane
14 Basscake by Hedflux & Tom Wilkes
15 Outsider by The Riddler
16 Blue by The Riddler
17 Burrachacca by Mukka
18 Vicious Circles by Poltergeist
19 Cosmonautica by Virtualmismo
20 Mystyk Lynk by Gandulk Nizzel
21 Looking At Ghost by Talpa
22 Screamer Slice by Ethnoscope
23 Acid Future by Mellor
24 Focus by Son Kite
25 Hedgehog by Paul Nord
26 Down The Basement by Pinocchio
27 Fuel by Chab
28 Taste The Flesh by Thrillseekers
29 Trommelmaschine by Der Dritte Raum
30 Meet Her At The Love Parade by Da Hool
31 Age Of Love by Age Of Love
32 Papillon by Union Jack


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