731 9 years ago
A tribute to The Riddler - purveyor of some of the finest electronic dance music ever created. This man's music is timeless - flawless slices of melodic perfection which twist and turn and groove and throb, constantly moving on and demanding the listener's attention. He earned his musical stripes writing psychedelic trance as the internationally acclaimed Talpa and you can hear the psychedelic influence on these tracks. 

This mix is a selection of singles plus tracks from the 2011 album 'Questions' and the recently released 'From Myst To Twist'. I keep listening to his music track by track so I thought it was time I put my favorites all together in one mix, and share it with you.

Recorded using CDJ-2000's and DJM-800. 


1 Intro: Never Heard Of It by The Riddler
2 Christmas Burglary by The Riddler
3 Maybe by The Riddler
4 Not So Funny by The Riddler
5 Disturbings by The Riddler
6 Haunted by The Riddler
7 Eleven by The Riddler
8 Geroj by The Riddler
9 Shadows by The Riddler
10 Randomizer by The Riddler
11 Digital Users by The Riddler
12 Intelligent Shade Of Green by The Riddler
13 Never Heard Of It by The Riddler
14 Questions by The Riddler & Vertex


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