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If you are in Canada, it might be time to light up the herb!, it’s show number 450, this paz and jop presentation is called, Higher Ground, is that smoke I smell?

“We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold.” Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

In 2022 radio radio celebrates 50 years of narrowcasting!

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Crack Rock – Frank Ocean
Lebanese Blonde (featuring Elin Melgarejo) – Thievery Corporation
Dope Rhythm/Time Passing – Dope Rhythm
Dop Smoker – Timewarp inc
Moroccan Haze (original mix) – Arsankhan
The World Is Flat Phr!endz with R.U. Sirius – R.U. Sirius & Various Bands
High Times – Jamiroquai
The Grass Roots Gourmet – The Firesign Theater
Addicted (original mix) – Jonas Fritz
Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder
Doors Of Perception – Thievery Corporation Feat. Gunjan
JimiTides – Jimi Hendrix
Out There – John Dahlback Feat. Basto
Omnidub – iFa
The Pills Brothers On Drugs – Proctor and Bergman
Anjuna – A-List
A Spoonful Of Sugar – Julie Andrews


1 Crack Rock by Frank Ocean
2 Lebanese Blonde (featuring Elin Melgarejo) by Thievery Corporation
3 Dope Rhythm/Time Passing by Dope Rhythm
4 Dop Smoker by Timewarp inc
5 Moroccan Haze (original mix) by Arsankhan
6 The World Is Flat Phr!endz with R.U. Sirius by R.U. Sirius & Various Bands
7 High Times by Jamiroquai
8 The Grass Roots Gourmet by The Firesign Theater
9 Addicted (original mix) by Jonas Fritz
10 Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder
11 Doors Of Perception by Thievery Corporation Feat. Gunjan
12 JimiTides by Jimi Hendrix
13 Out There by John Dahlback Feat. Basto
14 Omnidub by iFa
15 The Pills Brothers On Drugs by Proctor and Bergman
16 Anjuna by AList
17 A Spoonful Of Sugar by Julie Andrews


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