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Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the Beach House Session 2023, a celebration of music and relaxation under the sun. Today, we have an incredible lineup of talented artists who will be gracing the stage and filling the air with their mesmerizing tunes. Let's take a look at the fantastic lineup for this year's event.

First up, we have Sven Van Hess with his energetic track "Tsunami," setting the tone for an exhilarating experience. Following Sven, we have Marv Ali, a freelance artist ready to captivate us with his unique sound.

Next on the list is Ken@Work, presenting "Bees N Things N Flowers," a delightful mix that will transport you to a world of bliss. Alkali and Kyle Lake will take us on a journey of love with their enchanting song "Time For Love."

Prepare yourselves for a collaboration like no other as Idd Aziz and Afriiindi present "Toka (Blanka Mazimed)." Their blend of talent and creativity is bound to leave you wanting more.

Bergenhaus will grace us with "All the Long Days," a track that perfectly captures the essence of summer and carefree days. Soire will follow with "Stylish," an elegant and captivating piece that will make you groove to the rhythm.

The dynamic duo of &ME and Black Coffee will present "The Rapture pt 3," a collaboration that will transport you to another dimension. Luya will then take the stage with "If Everything," a soulful and introspective performance that will tug at your heartstrings.

Folamour invites us to embrace nostalgia with "Isla Nostalgia," a melodic and evocative track that will take you on a journey through memories. Moe Turk will present the "Inner Circle (Deep Dub Mix)," a mesmerizing blend of deep house sounds.

Crew Deep will set the stage with "Location," a pulsating and infectious track that will get everyone moving. Sound Support will then elevate the energy with "Higher," a high-octane tune that will make you lose yourself in the music.

DJ PP and Gabriel Rocha present "Strobe," a captivating and energetic collaboration that will have you dancing all night long. Ocula will take us on a sonic adventure with "Free Fall," a track that will make you feel weightless and free.

DJ Tomer and Ricardo Kyaku will bring the spirit of Africa to the stage with "Zulu," a vibrant and rhythmic performance that will ignite your soul. Robert Owen and Soulista present the "Love and Peace (Aqua Bassino Remix)," a harmonious blend of uplifting beats.

Baril will make you "Feel This Way" with their soulful and infectious sounds, leaving you with an indelible groove. Jacques Chapeau invites you to "Fumer a Paris," a mesmerizing track that will transport you to the streets of the City of Love.

Last but not least, Jesusdapnk will create a "Rain Mood" with his atmospheric and introspective performance, providing the perfect soundtrack to relax and unwind.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for an unforgettable Beach House Session 2023 filled with music, joy, and the warm embrace of the sun. Enjoy the incredible talent of these artists and let the music carry you away to a place of bliss. Thank you and let the session begin!


1 Tsunami by Sven Van Hess
2 Freelance by Marv Ali
3 Bees N Things N Flowers by Ken@Work
4 Time For Love by Alkali, Kyle Lake
5 Toka (Blanka Mazimed by Idd Aziz, Afriiindi
6 All the Long Days by Bergenhaus
7 Stylish by Soire
8 The Rapture pt 3 by &ME, Black Coffee
9 If Everything by Luya
10 Isla Nostalgia by Folamour
11 Inner Circle (Deep Dub Mix) by Moe Turk
12 Location by Crew Deep
13 Higher by Sound Support
14 Strobe by DJ PP, Gabriel Rocha
15 Free Falll by Ocula
16 Zulu by DJ Tomer, Ricardo Kyaku
17 Love and Peace (Aqua Bassino Remix) by Robert Owen, Soulista
18 Feel This Way by Baril
19 Fumer a Paris by Jacques Chapeau
20 Rain mood by Jesusdapnk


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