70 14 days ago
On Sunday before any football was aired, I was scrolling thru YouTube. I came across a 3-and-a-half-hour documentary on 50 Cent. I remember I was working in a diner on Guy R Brewer Blvd in Queens. All the counter seats were filled. Sitting right in the middle was this man, and we made eye contact. I went over to take his order. He ordered a coffee and then asked me did I know 50 Cent.

I did remember hearing something about him...he was shot 9 times and lived. I heard it on the radio and the TV, and all they talked about was him surviving being shot 9 times. I told the guy at the counter this. He then told me he was a reporter from The New York Times and that he was trying to get an interview with him. he also asked did he or have he ever come in here to eat. I told him not since I've started working here. He paid for his coffee and left.

Three weeks later... I let 50 Cent and about 10 people in the back door of the diner after we had closed. They weren't loud, but they did order quite a bit of food. Stayed about 2 hours and left.


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