658 8 years ago

Lets Go!!!! A Techno mix for the revolution.

Track List:

1. Daniel L : Green Apple Pie

2. A-Brothers: Chemical Changes

3. Tuomas Rantanen: District

4. Tuomas Rantanen: Pulsar

5.Daniel L: Bad Zone

6. I1 Ambivalent: Diptera

7. Machine Code: Miasma (Godvia RMX)

8. Rusk: Submarine Destroyer

9. Loso: Out Of Brain

10. Dean Rodell: System

11. Dean Rodell: Gray Said

12. DJ Ogi: River

13. Vegim/Andreas Florin: Then They Came

14. Jay Wong: Hard Cartoons


1 Green Apple Pie by Daniel L
2 Chemical Changes by A-Brothers
3 District by Tuomas Rantanen
4 Pulsar by Tuomas Rantanen
5 Bad Zone by Daniel L
6 Diptera by I1 Ambivalent
7 Miasma (Godvia RMX) by Machine Code
8 Submarine Destroyer by Rusk
9 Out Of Brain by Loso
10 System by Dean Rodell
11 Gray Said by Dean Rodell
12 River by DJ Ogi
13 Then They Came by Vegim/Andreas Florin
14 Hard Cartoons by Jay Wong


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