159 2 years ago

The next edition of The Union podcast is here. This is a set of techno and acid music for all of us on lockdown due to the cronavirus pandemic. Enjoy

1. Glenn Wilson: Rumble Shuffle
2. Gostwork: Durable Machine
3. Scalameriya: Plothole
4. Glenn Wilson: Store
5. Alvaro M: Eeehh!!!Aaahhh!!!
6. Wipeouts: Hunter-Killer
7. Ad Nauseam: The Outer Limits (Krismix rmx)
8. Perc: Driller
9. Perc: Toxic NRG
10. Otin/Martin Ginelli: Do You Know (Bjorn Zimmermann rmx)
11. Farrago: Hidden Power
12. D.A.V.E. The Drummer/Gezzer: Hydrolix 30 B
13. Charlotte de Witte: Liquid Slow
14. Patrick DSP: Peak Mills
15. Jack Von Acid: Acid Loop
16. Don Weber: Agressive
17. tymon: Noise Grinder
18. AnD: Hangar 51
19. Mike Humphries/Glenn Wilson: Aural Exciter
20. Quabach: CRXT
21. Trevino (R.I.P.): Revolve
22. Simone Tavazzi: Affair


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