159 2 years ago

New podcast up and running, some more Techno to get your fist pumpin and feet stompin. As always Enjoy

Track List:

  1. i1 ambivalent: Strenght In Numbers
  2. i1 ambivalent: When Many Stop Fearing The Few
  3. Ghost In The Machine: Grill Trouble
  4. Ghost In The Machine: Flaming Starfish
  5. Dave The Drummer/Chris Liberator: Underthreat (Patrick D.S.P. rmx)
  6. Manarchy: Dirt Bomb
  7. Sterling Moss/Steve Mills: London Has Fallen To The Aliens
  8. Junk Project: Pretty Darksides
  9. A.P.: Revolution
  10. Patrick D.S.P.: Dirty Work
  11. Ghost In The Machine: Fahrradklingel
  12. i1 ambivalent: Rock The Boat
  13. Patrick D.S.P.: Runaway Pain
  14. Robert S (PT): Fluroboric
  15. Drugstore: Aborigena
  16. Strange Arrival: Planchette
  17. Gary Burrows: Torsion



great set