278 2 years ago

Oh Yeah!!! Another Instalment of The Union Podcast coming at ya. This one is dedicated to the bad man Optiv R.I.P.

Track List:

  1. Mean Teeth: Disco Action
  2. Inward Phase Sense: Implant
  3. Human Error: Contamination
  4. Proton Kid: Supraverse
  5. Kemal/Rob Data: Citizen X
  6. Dub Head: I Don't Care
  7. Absolute Zero: The Code (SKC remix)
  8. Anngree: Hungry Ghosts
  9. Binary: Voted
  10. Spor: Ignition
  11. Gydra: Rats
  12. Khramer: If You Wanna
  13. C4C: Research
  14. NC-17/Treo/Nusense: Demons
  15. DJ Reality: Detroit Bluse (Moving Fusion remix)
  16. B.S.E./Optiv: Insiders
  17. C-Mign: Frustration
  18. Fierce/Optiv: Surface Noise
  19. Current Value: Cold Snap
  20. Current Value: Abrasion
  21. eRRe/eK50: Electro-Paja
  22. XtronX: Strange Breath
  23. Concord Dawn: Aurora


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