699 10 years ago


Nice mix from Phys Ed for this broadcast, I think my mix was kinda lackluster for the follow-up live set to this trying to match the nrg of Phys Ed set. ez please visit these 2 sites on soundcloud for some fresh techno-dnb: physed and Brain Trauma Recordings


NemesisFive Tracklist: I think I start around 1hr:7 minutes in


1. DJ Hidden: The Outside Looking In 

2. Ogonek: 014 

3. Ogonek: Musurski 

4. Cooh: Silver Spoon 

5. Counterstrike: Cut You Into Little Pieces (VIP) 

6. Current Value: Mosiac 

7. Current Value/The Dying Punks: Love All The People 

8. Sinecore/Kaiza: Communism 

9. Countersrike: Tear Your Soul Apart (Dylan/Cooh Remix) 

10. Yabol: Comnutator 

11. PhysEd/Swinlok: Valve PSI



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