637 8 years ago

Another mixture of Progressive Trance and Trance tunes fused together into a 3hr set. Like most of my sets I use key changes for a smoother transition between mixes, making the set more atmospheric to listen to, so enjoy!


1 (Original Mix) by Little Wonder Eclipse
2 (Original Mix) by HH ICE 897
3 (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) by Cressida Onyric
4 (Gate of Light Mix) by Sisko Light Over Me
5 (Casa De Angeles Remix) by Tilt I Dream
6 (Spoiled Remix) by Lyric & Natalie Over Emotion
7 (Starecase Remix) by Arksun Astrodancer
8 (Original Mix) by Red Devil Gamelan
9 (The Digital Blonde's End of an Era Mix) by The Def Set Ogo
10 F4 ALT by ALT
11 (Paul Van Dyke Re by The Space Brothers Everywhere I Go
12 (Original Mix) by Super8 & Tab Elektra
13 (Session Mix 1) by Paul Van Dyke Another Way
14 (Original Mix) by Ron Hagen & Pascal M. On Stream
15 (Original Mix) by N Fluence Sweet Substance
16 (Nitrous Oxide Remix) by Alex Morph Sunshine
17 (Original Mix) by Three Drives Sunset On Ibiza



There should be 29 in total on the track list, but for some reason it hasn't posted all of the tracks, even though I re-edited the track list twice?


Jon Vesta - Gull love this track :D