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Newnan - United States
Bio Of Tramolious, (James Laurent)

James Laurent
Musician, Songwriter, Composer, Artist, (Fine Arts And Graphics), Poet, Designer,

Started Learning Guitar, At Age 14, Started Writing Songs And Music At 17. At The Time, Living In Palmdale Calif. Wrote His First Instrumental For Guitar, While Taking A One Yr. Mel Bey, Music Theory Course, (Jasmes, Completed In 3 Months). During That Time, James Wrote The Music To A Guitar, Instrumental, Called, “Malibu”, For Malibu Beach Calif. This His Instructor (Charlie Deal, Who Also Invented, Designed & Built The Toilet Seat Guitars, 1964),
Charlie, After Seeing The Malibu Music Sheet, Told James, It Was A Great Piece, And Ask If He Could Use It In His Night Club Show, James Agreed To It…
Malibu Was A Medium Fast, Rock Tune, Very Close To Scuttle Buttin, That Stevie Ray Vaughan Recorded. Although With Just A Few Less Notes…,

At Age18, After Moving Back To Georgia, James, And Brother Bill, Along With Some Friends Formed A Band Called,” The Agents”, Playing At Parties For Awhile, They Lasted Only A Few Months… He Was In And Out Of Bands After That Still Looking For Something Better. At 19 He Started A Folk Band Called, “Free Tide”. Bob Dylan And John Hartford Were To Have A Strong Influence On His Music, While Still Holding On To Donovan, The Beatles And A Number Of Other Folk, Rock, Blues, And Country Bands…
The Free Tide Played A Few Times On The Bobby Whitley Show, On A Lawrenceville Georgia Radio Station. After They Broke Up James Continued To Play At Coffee Houses And Small Clubs, Still Looking For Something New And Playing And Writing His Own Songs.

Around The Same Time, James Started Studying Acting In Atlanta, At The Academy Theater, Where He And The Class, Wrote The Final Class Play, For Graduation. James And The Class Wrote Their Own Parts For The Play, And James Was The Lead Person In The Last Part Of It And Led The Cast In A Song, Playing His Guitar, While They Followed Him Off The Stage, (Like The Pied Piper), And Out Into The Front Lobby. Where The Class Was Met By, Frank Wittow, (The Founder), Who Congratulated The Teacher And Class, For Producing This Original Play, Called, ( With A Little Help From My Friends, From The Beatles, And James Played That Song, With He And The Class Singing It, To Lead The Class Out At The End)… Frank Said, That Was The Best And Most Unique, In The History Of The Academy Theater. Nothing Had Ever Been Done Like It Before…James, Also During That Time, Was The Co-Producer And Designer, Of The Sound Program, To An Off Broadway Play, Called: “The Heaven Mother”, Ran The Sound Program, Through The Entire Length Of Stay Of The Play…
He Also Helped Build The Props, For The Play…

James, Later, In His Early 20’s, Met And Married Sybil Barker, From Malden MA, And As Things Go, They Wound Up In Everett MA, Where They Both Worked, Wrote Songs, And
Painted Art Works, That Were Displayed, In Many Art Shows, In And Around Boston. Also Continuing To Perform At Local Clubs And Coffee Houses, In And Around Boston. They Also Formed, “Restless Spirit”, The Name Sybil Came Up With, (The Name They Still Use Today). They Joined The Boston Song Writers Workshop, The Folk Singers Society Of Greater Boston, The Nashville Songwriters Society, BMI, (Of Which, James Is Still A Member). They Helped Reorganize And Restart An Artist Management Co. Called Promotions Unlimited, With Harry Fullerton And A Few Other Folks, And Worked With, And Put On Various Shows, With New Up And Coming Artist, In And Around The Boston Area.
At The Same Time James And Sybil Also Being Artist Joined Various Art Asso.
James Now Writes And Records His Own Songs, Designs His Own CD Covers, Produces His Own CD’s, And Videos, And Writes Music And Videos For Other Artist… He Has A CD , ”Boston Tracks”, Out Now, It Can Be Found In, “ iTunes, Napster, Amazon.mp3, eMusic, Rhapsody, GroupieTunes, Reverbnation, Many E Radio Stations And Others, Also, Videos “, http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=silverleos”, www.youtube.com/channel/UCdwHpDgbMXNkWfKVrRSARFg”,
For His Music And Art.
James Writes Poetry. He Was Awarded, “The Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Crystal Award Trophy”.
From The International Society of Poets And, Editors Choice Awards, 2005,2006,2007
Also Noble House 2006 Lapel Pin, From Noble House Publishers For His Poems, “See You Again”, And, “To Be”.

He Also Writes Instructional Booklets, Such As, “The Guitar Neck Tab Book, Banjo Neck Tab Book, Bass Tab Book”, Also, “Face Works, And, “The BO Book”. He Has Also Designed Equipment, “The Guitar Man Guitar Stand,” And “The Original, Glow In The Dark Fingernail Polish”, Also “Boot Lights”, “Telescopic Eye Glases”, The Original, “ Leaf Blower “,And Other Non Related Products, He Is Still Working On…He And His Wife Both Artist, Also Have A Graphics Design And Fine Arts And Crafts, Publishing Company, “Silver Leos Publishing And Merchandising”, Sybil Has Also Written A Book Called, “Pumpkin Bread And Bologna Too”, See Some Of Their Work At, (http://silverleos.com). And They Have Art And Crafts In An Art Gallery, In Newnan GA, At: 30 S. Court Square, Newnan, GA 30263. Phone 678-633-5705, Email cornerartsgallery@gmail.com

Music Awards: Music Forte, Artist Of The Day

The American Song Festival: 1974
Honorable Mention For: 1. Where My Heart Stays, 2. Fine Sparkling Sands, Now, Renamed, “ Billy’s Song” For Bill Laurent, Who Wrote The Original Song…

Also, Airplay International, A Nashville Songwriting Competition,
Tow Awards For, “Susie Facing West”,
In The Country Rock Category
Coweta arts tidbits
The Successor To Newnan-Coweta Arts Council News Releases
Composed By: Forrest W. Schultz 770-583-3258 schultzf_2002@yahoo.com

September 8, 2005
Famed Singer/Musician James Laurent at Gallery Row in Newnan
The owners of the new Gallery Row Coffee Shop in Newnan are making a great contribution to the Coweta County Arts Scene. Not only do they exhibit paintings by local artists on their walls and sponsor art lectures, they also bring in great musicians and singers who perform there. The noted singer and musician James Laurent will be performing there every Friday night from now on. Laurent is an accomplished musician on the banjo, harmonica, and guitar, dobro, and keyboards, During the past 30 years he has written over 1500 songs, Folk, Country, Jazz, and Blues. He is a member of BMI, the Nashville Songwriters Association, GMAI (Georgia Music IndustryAssociation), The New England Folk Song Society, The Folk Web, Music Forte, CMA, NSAI, and the Boston Songwriters Workshop.
Gallery Row is located at 22 West Court Square in Newnan, two doors down from where The Alamo used to be. It is owned by Bill and Kelley Anderson, who also own a Gallery Row Coffee Shop in Carrollton. Kelley is a native of Carrollton and Bill hails from Sonoma, California. We heartily welcome their Gallery Row Coffee Shop to the burgeoning Coweta Arts Scene!!
Coweta arts tidbits
The Successor To Newnan-Coweta Arts Council News Releases

Composed By: Forrest W. Schultz 770-583-3258 schultzf_2002@yahoo.com

July 10, 2006

"Black Pearl" Painting Displayed at Gallery Row In Art Auction on E-Bay

James Laurent of Newnan is a man of many talents. I first met him at a meeting of the Coweta Writers Group. Later I learned he was also a singer and musician, when I heard him and his wife Sybil, perform, last year, at one of the “Coffee House Performing Arts Variety shows”, held in, “The Newnan Theatre lobby”, which was fixed up to look like a coffee house. Later that year he and Sybil gave several performances at a real coffee house-- the brand new Gallery Row Coffee Shop on the Courthouse Square in Newnan. And later yet I learned he was a painter and a member of the Newnan-Coweta Art Association (NCAA). And now I learn that he has an interesting painting hanging on the wall of Gallery Row, which is a part of the July exhibit of NCAA artists.

Amazingly, since he has been working on this painting for 1+ years, he completed it just in time to coincide with the film premiere of Pirates of The Carribbean. The subject of the painting is a realistic and gorgeous rendition of the ship made famous (or is it infamous?) by that film, the Black Pearl !! Laurent promises, though, that there is no curse attached to his painting! But there could be a treasure involved…
Today, I, (James), Am Involved With Many New Works And Studies, Including New Designs, And MIT OpenCourseWare, Where I Am Studing; Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Psychology & Neuroscience, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Physics Of Music, Also On My Own Electron Color Manipulation Art, And Computer Art, That I Designed In The Early 90s, (And Am Still Working On). Also Working On My Glow In The Dark Painting, (Art) And Fingernail Polish That I Invented In The Early 90s.
Studies In CHI, Reiki, Ancient, And Future, Earth History Studies…
Belongs To, “ “Berklee Performance Center”, “MIT Open CourseWare”, “Radio Airplay”, “FolkAlley”, “BMI”, “ SoundExchange”, “Club Passim”, “”, “Corner Arts Gallery”, “
“Bandsintown.com”, “Academia.edu”,” BandMix.com”
“Tunecore.com”, “Internetdj.com”, “Slacker.com”, “SoundCloud.com”, “HouseMixes.com”, “Jango.com”, “Dittomusic.com”, “us.napster.com”, “.daportfolio.com”, “youtube.com”, facebook.com/ZombieChicTees”, “facebook.com/silverleos”, “Tramolious/ Facebook.com”,
“facebook.com/RestlessSpirit1”, “upwork.com”, “thisnext.com/by/RestlessSpirit”,
“vimeo.com/user694709/videos”, “aboutme.google.com/u/0/#profile_photo”
By: James Laurent © 2018

james @silverleos.com

Student at MIT, OCW, Studies in Physics, Quantum Physics,
Quantum Theory, Psychology, Astrophysics, Cosmology,
Also Other Schools, NIT, Coyne Electrical, (A Division Of Chamberlain University),
Northeastern University, Drafting And Design, Electrical Design, Other Self Taught,
Art, Music Theory, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Graphics Artist, Produce My Own Music, Videos, DVD's, CD's, Theoretical Philosophy, Theology, Study Of Ancient Civilizations,
Ufology At: www.opencollege.info, Also, Reiki, Qigong, Master Tsai, Self Defense,
Metaphysics, Fractals, Fracturals, Electron Manipulation, And Sound Frequency

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